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  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 (10 points)


  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 (10 points)

    To all of You who would like to get Front Row back... please send feedback to



    or support me on my page






  • Hkalan2007 Level 1 (0 points)

    Since I updated to Lion, I have been Bit in the back side...


    My wonderful iMac, macmini, and macmini server have become a Mac-rosoft computer. No Frontrow, mail is worse, and to top things off I have had to delete the $500 Final Cut X and buy Avid !


    Keep a desktop computer a dasktop, and update the mobile stuff with a mobile OS a mobile device... I own a mac desktop because it worked !!! Not any more


    Frontrow was my way to unwind and relax before unplugging for the day !



  • Sovelin Level 1 (30 points)

    Thread revival Anyway, I'm not sure what Lion is like anymore, since I switched from Apple back to Windows (I don't like the way the company is going). I think Apple should stop trying to make their computers more like mobile devices and instead work on making their mobile devices more like computers. Lion is a terrible idea, and reminds me of the old Vista days.

  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes... I am afraid.... I actually have to admit ... my thoughts have betrayed me too. I have also this thought since all of this has happened...

    I simply cant comprehend why they keep on removing great features. Features that has taken many years to develop. Now I have just joined iTunes Match. Now a lot of the music is no longer on the devices... I used to have my entire music library on my devices... now all the movies are gone. Yes I can stream them from iCloud.... but I dont want that... I just want to play them anywhere....

    The best thing about Mac... Front Row... is gone.... whenever I meet somebody with a snow leopard system I almost get tears in my eyes when playing with it... it was great.


    I am a total mac fanatic... I buy all the new equipment from apple (as a private person) that is a lot....I get a lot of people to convert.....but even I have found myself thinking lately.... what is going on...

    I have even thought.... maybe I should go back... I am sick of all the control/removing great features.... Not being able to access all my macs.... from away from home...unless they all run lion. what about my timecapsule.... also gone...


    Steve Jobs gone...

    I run a danish blog about apple ...


    Just to show how much I care... I love them..... But why are they almost intentionally trying **** off all of their missionaries.... who communicates these previously so great features....


    I am seriously finding it hard.... to really see the big thing about apple products.... when I also have to consider the price tag...

    And we dont really have a choice.... thats what ****** me off. No ... actually it makes me sad... so sad....

    Before it was obvious to anyone....when you showed them BackToMyMac & TimeCapsule....and FrontRow....

    They could disagree.... but they could not say... that it was not cool or even great.... this is the only and best feature...that actually made the hardest oponent ...starting to consider using apple....


    So sad..... so so sad...



    I mean ....

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    I know this is an old post but I re-enabled front row in lion on my mac mini and all of my music and movies are in iTunes, I just created an alias folder to the music in "music" folder on my mac hard drive and an alias folder to my movies in "movies" and front row works perfectly for me in lion, I don't know if this info helps anyone but there you go :o)

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    How did you fix frontrow?

  • Hkalan2007 Level 1 (0 points)



    I tried the "Fix" I found online by taking it from the image I had in Time Machine on Snow Leopard, but things started to act weird and slowed the machine down or locked up. I finally removed it, and now use Plex. The Mac is back to normal. Plex is OK (not as nice as FontRow in my oppinion) but it does everything I want... Once you set up Plex it does everything FrontRow does plus more, and reads every format of the movies and TV shows I download. Not trying to promote Plex, but it is one of the few options I had since Apple removed FrontRow in Lion

  • Hkalan2007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was just informed that you will need to use iTines 10.3 to use the FrontRow Enabler for Lion. That is why I had issues. I like the newest version of iTunes with the iOS 5 with my families iPad's and iPhone's... So for me I have to put FrontRow in the past... Sad to see it go !!! I hope Apple see's its error and keeps a desktop a desktop, and a mobile device, a mobile devise !!!!

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    I used the FrontRow enabler and got it to work with Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.


    I did a little playing around with Frontrow and found that my iPhoto library worked without any issues already and I also found an easy way to make my iTunes video library (or any video folder) work with Frontrow as well.



    In the end, all I did to make the video portion work was to create an alias (shortcut) to the iTunes movies and tv shows folders and then place them in the Movies folder that pops up as an option for Frontrow.



    This way all I have to do is open Frontrow, then select the Movies Folder, then go to either the iTunes movies alias or the iTunes tv shows alias and it opens up the actual folder containing the video files themselves which sidesteps iTunes all together. Frontrow doesn't need iTunes permission to play the video just needs the right video file format. So as long as the actual video file is friendly with Frontrow, it can be played without going through the hassle of involving iTunes.



    Doing it this way worked like a charm for me and it is just as user friendly as it was with previous to all of the changes that Apple made. If your curious…I am running a 2008 15" Macbook Pro with OSX Lion 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.



    The only catch is that I couldn't figure out how to make the music work. Granted I didn't really spend much time working on it because I never really use Frontrow for music. If you are someone who uses Frontrow for videos and photos like me then you might give this a try.



    1. Go to iTunes music folder

    2. Locate the Movies and/or TV shows folder

    3. Right click on that folder and select "make alias"

         It will then make an "alias" (which is just a shortcut to that specific folders location)

    4. Drag that "alias" into the Movies folder

    5. Then start up Frontrow to check that its in the Movie folder, which it should be…

    6. Then select that "alias" and it automatically go into the iTunes video folder that you made the alias of and allow you to play any video file as you normally would with front row

    7. Enjoy being able use Frontrow again.



    I hope this helps.

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    I also loved Front Row, outside of the lack of mkv support.  So I had to use something else since I already ripped my entire movie collection in that format.  The solutions that worked for me were: 1. Plex running on my MacMini and 2. Medialink serving data to my PS3.  The Playstation 3 doesn't make it very easy to navigate through media and Plex still requires a lot of mucking around to get it to work properly.


    I just got off the phone with Apple Support because iTunes was crashing my Mac Mini.  The level-1 person kept blaming Plex since it was a "third party application".  The next level support engineer was fantastic, and helped a lot it troubleshooting, but even he said that the problems would probably not happen if I wasn't running a "third problem application".  Seems like everyone at Apple thinks that iTunes and Apple TV is all you need...if you need anything else, you're doing something wrong and you're on your own.  (Side note: it also seems like the few times I've had wireless issues, I'm told to get an airport extreme and trash my dlink.  Sorry apple, I love you guys, but most people have multiple technology vendors in their home now adays...dealing with it will make your customers much happier).


    I really with Apple, or someone would come out with an application like Plex that I can run on a Mac, that will play all media formats, is stable, and looks great on a HDMI connected 1080p Television.  If that app also streamed to mobile devices, I would pay $50-$100 for it.  I'm sending this feedback to (thanks martin for the suggestion).

  • Ocean Digital Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, I fixed it!  Here is how I did it:


    1. Go to this page
    2. Ask for a refund of OS X 10.7 because it doesnt have Front Row
    3. Downgrade to 10.6.8


    I just got my refund, you can too.  I told them that my Apple Remote and Mini w/HDMI port are totally useless without Front Row.  They completely agreed and sent the refund.


    Do I miss 10.7?  Not at all, I love Snow Leapord!

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    I think you mean Upgrade to 10.6, lol.

  • NetApp Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems Lion may have been wine before it's time.  I like the direction of building an OS that has a simple yet robust framework for 3rd party development, and the fact that cool functionality is being made available on both IOS and MacOS platforms.  Unfortunately, something almost always has to get whacked in the spirt of progress.  So we are stuck w/o a decent Apple-branded 10 foot media display while their developers are writing the replacement, which is undoubtedly being developed, and will SURELY solve all our problems, right


    Even still, leaving front row out of Lion was such a horrible idea.

  • mulligans missus Level 2 (370 points)

    Ocean Digital wrote:



    Do I miss 10.7?  Not at all, I love Snow Leapord!

    Of course your only problem now is that there will be no more updates for Snow Leopard, no integration with mobile devices and some software companies are already writing Lion only programs. I prefer to use my computer as a computer (that's why I upgraded to Lion without a hitch) and use Apple TV as my Media Player on a much, much bigger screen.


    But each to their own.


    Good Luck