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    For the pc users.  You could use system restore?  I had the same issue.  I used an earlier restore point in system restore & that did the trick for downgrading iTunes & Safari on Windows.


    Mac you can just use Time Machine.

  • hel_len Level 1 (0 points)

    This method is justified (in the given situation), if the PC was made a little changes... ヅ

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    well, i gotta say i trust apple, so it's just a matter of time..let's give'em a few days

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    yeesss u.u time machine is a fantastic apple application but the problem is that it ain't that easy on a pc! god I hate PCs.

  • Jimena Chic Level 1 (5 points)

    tired about this, APLLE ARE YOU LISTENING!!! sorry but I'm ready to quit Safari and move to Firefox, Chrome or whatever....

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    It is very easy on Windows.


    Make sure before installing to set a restore point, though most installers will. Allocate 10GB at least for your restore points or 10%.


    Uninstall programs.


    Keep manual downloads of each and every version or until you are sure that the new version is 100% safe reliable.


    Clone. Paragon has "Clone OS" that takes 10 minutes and you have a 2nd hard drive you can boot your Windows OS from (if you keep to just OS and apps, and keep data on different drives).

  • Jimena Chic Level 1 (5 points)

    Apple if you don't see more posts is because we have to change our Safari explorer, what a shame after many years being happy and satisfied with Safari and Apple products...

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    "webkit2process.exe" appears to be an integral component of Safari 5.1  I turned it off several times, and all that did was stall the software.  In fact this part of Safari makes the browser run faster than the previous versions.  Safari is now lightning quick on my old computer.  I mean it's incredibly fast now.  Amazing performance thanks to that executable. 


    I'd reccomend keeping it.


    My only complaint is that it continually eats up RAM the more you use your browser, as opposed to to dumping stuff you already downloaded.  I think that's a real issue.

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  • Jimena Chic Level 1 (5 points)


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    I've been having this issue on Windows XPsp3 since the latest Safari update.

    It's been a few weeks and no interest from Apple, apparently.  It happens the instant I attempt to open Preferences.


    So I have quit using Safari in favor of Firefox which I am actually liking better anyway.


    Still, I might go back to Safari if they bother to fix it.  According to Windows, the program is trying to access

    a part of protected memory that it should not, so it's shutting down the process to prevent a major problem.

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    Hi, I have the same problem... I tested my PC (as the problem is on my laptop) and Safari 5.1 is fine.. Yes, FINE! Hmm..


    After doing some research, re-installing Safari and ending up every time on this page it dawned on me that the other day I installed Windows Live Essentials (installed only Messenger) and Silverlight. As my PC doesn't have this installed 2+2 made 4 for a change and, well, it looked like it was them causing the problem.


    Soooo, I removed both of these and Safari is back to normal...


    Thank F*&k for that!!!


    Hope this helps as nothing out there told me what was wrong. Just waiting now for Apple and Microsoft to bring an update out to sort this Webkit2WebProcess.exe poo!

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    Interesting!  Having just removed Safari and installed Chrome I'd love to see a solution before I get to deep into Google's stuff. I'll give this a try and report back success or otherwise.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,930 points)

    The problems are caused by the "Apple Common Software Component" shared by all Apple softweare that was updated to 2.0.


    Uninstalling Apple Common Component along with Safari, and going back to pre-2.0 seems to be essential and to work.


    And maybe stay with Safari 5.0.x for now.


    I have all the latest Live, MSSE, etc but I won't put Safari 5.1 on. Besides which I use FF, and read that IE9 is probably better tested as well as more secure. I've never really trusted Google other than use to be #1 search go to place.

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    Same problem.


    I tried to repair Apple Application Support, even removing it.

    Repaired safari, even removed it, and reinstalled safari



    Still same problem. I even updated itunes to make as it needs Apple Application Support.


    So I was making sure no dll conflicts.



    Not sure what else it making Safari 5.1 crash/slow/freeze

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