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Hi all,


after the update, Facetime and Skype tell me, that there is no Webcam avaliable. What happens? Before upgrading it works.


Best regards,


MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Hi Florian,


    This happened with me too. However, surprisingly the problem automatically got resolved after couple of days.

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    Hi, yes now my problem regarding this is now solved, but now the BOOTCAMP and Windows 7 produce all time BSOD while starting, only with F8 and "abgesicherter Modus/safe mode" I can logon on.


    Exact after starting Windows and have the BSOD the cam works again starting Lion :-(


    Error message is: CACHE_MANAGER


    0x00000034 (0x00000107, 0xC0000420, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)


    Apple has tried a lot of stuff


    • deleted all caches (no result),
    • prevent Sophos to start automatically
    • prevent the iTunes helper to start automatically
    • use a new user profile
    • deleting specific EFI (?) information holding some keys with the left and the right hand, waiting for three reboots


    Possible the last thing or the update to Lion may be the reason for the BSOD in Windows. Apple diagnostic does not show any errors in the system; I've used the intensive test, which takes 30 minutes.


    Apple support pleased me to load an update of the Bootcamp drivers, but in safe mode I cannot install them because the windows installer service can't be startet.


    So, that's my actual status.



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    Cam is no longer working in iChat, Skype, elsewhere. Also complete Reinstall of Lion doesn't work.


    After solving problem of BSOD in Windows 7 on Bootcamp partition (CACHE_MANAGER) by deleting DLL's for mounting the Apple Filesystem (because they aren't working yet if FILEVAULT2 partition encryption is enabled) was solved a few moments the builtin cam was working.


    But now the systems tells me, that there is no Cam in the system.

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    Is your cam allways working?

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    I have the same problem of camera with facetime for more than couple of days and no solution yet.