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Graham Perrin Level 2 (255 points)

Apple has removed the sidebar, the always-on list of calendars that required no click.


The shallow popover that appears only when clickedobscuring part of the calendar before disappearing — is to me (and some others) an unacceptable substitute for working with multiple calendars, especially where calendars are grouped across multiple servers.


I'm aware of third party alternatives to iCal. (Most full-featured calendar interfaces do have an always-on full-height list of calendars. Probably the best known alternative to iCal is BusyCal.)


This topic does not seek alternatives; I do wish to continue using iCal, albeit in a way that is less frustrating than what Apple forces upon users of 10.7.


This topic seeks:


  • a third party product that will restore lost functionality to iCal.


To any developer who reads this topic: please, I beg you, on my knees, submit your iCal sidebar app — or whatever you wish to call it — to the App Store as soon as you can. I'll gladly pay, and more than gladly help to test any pre-Store development version.


Other readers please note: whilst I'm extraordinarily frustrated by Apple's design decision, this is not an invitation to rant. Let's gain something constructive from this discussion.


If you wish Apple to restore the sidebar to iCal, as an option, then please:


    • submit iCal feedback to Apple, with your use case; explain why for you personally the limited disappearing popover is a poor substitute; explain how the sidebar will improve both (a) your productivity and (b) your appreciation of Apple's software.


Side note: no category includes iCal, so I file this opening post under Using Mac OS X v10.7 Lion.


Thank you


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), 8 GB MacBookPro5,2 GeForce 9600M GT
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