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There is a major problem with the mid 2010 Mac Book Pro's and Lion.  I suspect that it is related to the drivers for the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 512MB video card and perhaps the i7 processor.  The crashes are random and most often occur after a mouse click then the screen suddenly goes black and a restart is forced.  There is a thread on MacRumors that describes many others with the same problem:


The crash occurs less frequently when the power and external monitors are connected.  When the MBP is unteathered it crashes every 20 minutes.  I am really surprised and disappointed that a bug this severe made it through final testing. Looking forward to 10.7.1.



  • broob Level 1 Level 1

    I have a 2010 MacBook Pro i7. Mine has crashed over 10 times now in the last several days after Lion install. Never had a single problem before. My screen does not go black, but I am not sure if that is a relevant clue. Often the crash is initiated upon clicking "Get Mail". Not sure If this is relevant either. I hope Apple is looking into this for sure.

  • jbphotographics Level 1 Level 1

    I've been experienceing the same behavior with my mid '10 MBP as well, though I am on the latest 10.6.8 update. It happeded several times during normal use last evening while connected to the 27" display. Haven't narrowed it down as of yet.

  • Shareque Husain Level 1 Level 1

    Guys i had the same issues with the balck screen of death ever since i upgraded to lion. I couldnt run any app decently without the system crashing within minutes of opening the app. I checked my hard ware, all fine, i even tried to downgrade, but couldnt do it on a new partition...for some reason lion wouldnt let me install snow leopard on a different partition. I finally went to the genius Bar and the Genius actually did some Permission repairs, went into Disk Utility, clicked on the hard disk and then clicked on Repair permissions. It seemed to work. Now when i sync my iphone in itunes, the system doesnt crash. Still have to do a full stability test, but this is definitely some route to go from what it seems. Ram was fine.


    I had one crash later after i started downloading something from the crashed the system...seems like the storeagent process which runs in the background isnt compatible with LION...however closing the appstore solved the issue...and my computer has been running with me actively using the system for past two hours. Finally!! Such a simple solution as well

  • janmey Level 1 Level 1

    i have same kind of issues after migrate from time maschine to a new macbook pro. there are at the end several things together that cased this problem.


    1) iTunes has had some bug you can´t solve with update itunes - delete (not your libary) and install it just new. maybe this is also relatet to the described appstore issue, as the apptore and the itunesstore likely the same


    2) dont use your iphone via usb as internet connection - prefer bluetooth or wifi - there must be some issue with intel i7 or the driver for the usb port at mbp who relate to some crash


    3) start your system from a install media - (probaly brew your own lion setup cd or usb stick) and use disk utillity. check your harddisk. i have had some difference at the files and folders who are really present at the drive and the listet folders and files. i belive it was createt after mail convert its database. because i have had also these mail slow down the sytem issue.


    4) disable mobile backup with the terminal command : sodu tmutil disablelocal

    because it robber your hd space - slow down the system - and theremost it is useless in the real case that your hd crashes. just in case you want it switch on again : sodu tmutil enablelocal


    hope that can help for your system - my mbp runs now fine and fast

  • benfromcranbourne Level 1 Level 1

    I too have this problem... in fact I was trying to log in to type this and my system needed a hard reset 5 times....


    I don't know if I am imagining things but they seem to be coming more frequently now....


    I get about 3 a day mimimum... Have called apple care and am going to be taking my computer into the shop tomorrow to see if they can fix it?


    I have tried repairs from boot disc, using gfxCardStatus application too.... this when set to integrated graphics only seems to stop the issue... This does not help me when trying to use my computer in high demand graphics programs though...


    Not real happy with apples response or lack of one on this issue

  • PR-Imagery Level 1 Level 1

    I started experiencing this issue under SL 10.6.6 where the display would simply shut off during use and would have to hard restart the machine(Spring 2010 15"MBP). Seems to happen more when running on battery power. Under Lion, issue happened far more frequently.

  • cheesebelt Level 1 Level 1

    Same here, spring 2010 MBP ( model 6,2 ), I'm still on Snow Leopard 10.6.8, and have been experiencing this for like 4 months now. I don't know why it started out of the blue, 1 month after my guarantee was over. Maybe a few weeks after I changed the RAM to get 8 Go instead of the original 4, as a matter of fact


    It happens mostly on Firefox, iMovie, Safari. Sometimes on Photoshop, never happened on Illustrator. Never on Ableton Live where I spend a great deal of time. So my guess is it's rather graphic card than RAM related, because Live requires a lot of CPU, as all the others are rather GPU related.


    I made all check ups, updates, cleanings, hardware tests, fresh install, fan control, PRAM resetting, SMC resetting you could think of. Same ol'samo.

    The work around seems to be gfxCardStatus to force use the Intel HD Graphics instead of the great NVIDIA card. This is like paying for first and travelling economy.
    For information I found a facebook page Apple Black Screen Of Death, that seems to gather users encountering this issue.


    As for Apple, I know it's complicated and not quite the policy of the house (I've been on mac for about 20 years now), but just a nod, like "yeah, we heard y'all, we're working on it" would make things easier.

  • jbphotographics Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, so I have also been having issues with random crashes and the dreaded BSOD. It has been happening on both Snow Leopard and Lion, with Lion being more frequent. The machine was a Mid 2010 Macbook Pro with the NVidia Discreet graphics card.


    • early September Genius apointment - Hardware diagnostics run, nothing wrong, went home to more crashes
    • mid September call to Apple, told that I would need to pay for diagnostic services
    • mid September sent email to <edited by host> explaining the issues
    • mid September received a call back from executive services regarding the machine, scheduled another genius appointment to replace logic board.
    • Dropped off on September 20, received call to pick up on September 26
    • Picked up September 26, powered up machine, crashed right off. Restarted and repeated crash.
    • Genius replaced with 2011 MBP of like specifications.
  • phunt Level 1 Level 1

    I was informed by AppleCare telephone support that this is now a known problem and to expect a firmware update for these Macs shortly. Paraphrasing, the person indicated that the issue has been escalated because so many people going to iOS 5 now also upgraded to Lion --> so apparently many more people are experiencing the issue.


    It can't be soon enough.

  • krystlehanifah Level 1 Level 1

    im so glad im not the only one with this problem. at least i know its not because some careless things i unconciously did that makes my mac gone berzerg like this.

    i also encounter the exact same problem with all of you. problems started a month ago. at first it was just once in a while then it became a frequent thing especially when my battery left with 20-30%. then after i plugged in the magsafe, its okay. lately, nothing safes the mac from crashing, particularly when im running adobe and/or autocad. i thought it was software problems so i backed up my files, performed erase and install snow leopard then made an even bigger mistake by upgrading to lion. after finish upgrading, the crashings got even more often. every starting up, after i got a glimpse of login in, pufffttt, screen goes black but keyboard still on. googled it up and say reseting smc will do the trick. eeekkkk nothing! then resetting the pram. worked okay for quite some times then puufffttt, crash! ask a question on yahoo answers and got a help from lovely person to install gfsxcard-something and told to opt for integrated only. worked fine for 2 days and still went back to crashing. opened up the mac, testing each rams, reshuffling em, still got nothing. the only thing that enables me to do my work with this Majestic mac is resetting pram everytime i turn it on.

    since im living in singapore (bought this mac june'09 in melbourne,australia), there is no genius bar to be found, running a diagnostic only at any apple service cost me 120 bucks and if i have to change the logicboard, its gonna cost me ard 1000++ dollas since i dont have any applecare and my warranty expired 4mnths ago. so, i might be killing myself soon! yauuzaaaa

  • krystlehanifah Level 1 Level 1

    i meant june 2010, sorry folks ((:

  • Kevin Mok 1 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same Macbook Pro w 8 GB of ram.  It is running ML currently, but it has been crashing with Lion.  Therefore I have had experience for the past year.


    This is what I have nailed down.  It crashes under these conditions:


    - when I am using the NVidia GPU (I do use my MacBook with an external monitor).

    - when I am scrolling in iTunes store or Mac App store where there is CoreAnimation.


    Last month I took my machine to the Genius Bar.  He ran their diagnostics, everything turned out fine, but still offered me a large chunk of money to replace the logic board.  Diag turned out fine...


    Right now I am pointing my finger at the display driver.

  • Kevin Mok 1 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    Please check out this bulletin from Apple:


  • PR-Imagery Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, this issue has long been solved. Since September last year when Apple officially acknowledged the issue after it had gone on for at least a year(first came across it personally December '10 with customers MBPs).


    The issue is with the logic board, but it's a very specific issue to qualify for a logic board replacement. Apple refuses to replace my board because its an issue that originates in the CPU(even tho it only happens when using the dedicated graphics card) versus the graphics/board itself - but my issue exhibits all of the symptoms listed in the KB.

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