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  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 Level 1

    We should all write our frustrations here ...

  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 Level 1

    So true ....

  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 Level 1


  • Darren Jeacocke Level 1 Level 1

    I'll chime in too... every Front Row lover just write a quick note about how we miss it. No agro, just let them know how great it was:



    Regardless, I honestly think we'll see it on the App Store soon after iCloud and iOS 5.

  • Mark Free Level 1 Level 1

    The only reason I could think of why Apple removed Front Row, is to force people to buy AppleTV.


    Sure, AppleTV is a great gadget, especially, if you have a wireless home network set up and your TV is in a different room from your Mac. But if your TV is in the same room, you just need one HDMI/DVI/whatever cable to connect your TV to your Mac and get access to all the content instantly and get more features.


    In case of AppleTV, you need to have a WiFi network (some older Mac Pros would require to purchase a WiFi card for that). Or if you go for ethernet, you would need a router/hub/switch and extra ethernet cable. Also, AppleTV takes up additional power outlet socket. Not to mention that you have to spend additional money on AppleTV. And why would any sane person, under all those circumstances, do that if he/she already own a Mac?


    Why would Apple deliberately put their loyal customers into such headache? Just so that they can, theoretically, sell a million more AppleTVs?


    Sure, you can use Plex or Boxee instead of FrontRow. These apps are great in terms of the amount of features they have. But the UIs on those, the implimentation and enormous amount of bugs (which either take ages to get fixed, or never even get fixed) render them completely useless in many situations.

  • Martin Lund Larsen Level 1 Level 1

    But what do we do?


    I think we should all try to generate as much feedback as we can directly to Apple' feedback page...




    I have also made a page in facebook - iWantFrontRowBack.....

    pass it on

  • Mark Free Level 1 Level 1

    Already did several times.

  • mmaxly Level 1 Level 1

    hi, i posted a message on your facebook group "iWantFrontRowBack"!!! Who will be the next?

  • mmaxly Level 1 Level 1

    I already write my frustration on the site

  • Kidsfalloutoftrees Level 1 Level 1

    I also want Front Row back or a decent alternative please. I have just vented frustration on the feedback form provided by mmaxly. Thanks

  • Michael Paine Level 2 Level 2

    Looking at alternatives like Plex and XBMC, a major setback is that they cannot play video purchased via the iTunes Store (music has not had DRM for some time). Also it seems that iTunes Playlists are not supported (you need to recreate playlists within the app). This all adds to the set-up (and maintenance) time that is not needed with Front Row - which integrates so well with iTunes.



  • Paul Smith3 Level 1 Level 1

    Exactly.  That nice, fancy remote control is useless without Front Row... 


    One of the reasons I bought my first Mac (a Mini) was because of Front Row.  Apple should be extending it, not dumping it. 

  • hexonxonx Level 4 Level 4

    I went back to SL on my black MB mostly for FR but because of high heat.


    I missed being able to watch any movie or TV show while connected to my 24" monitor without getting up. I'm almost tempted to go back to SL on my MBP as well.

  • Paul Smith3 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the advice, Hex.  I'll probably do the same.  I had a Mac Mini set up as my primary iTunes machine (I had it underneath my bar with an LCD for a jukebox setup).  I've since moved my iTunes serving to my Windows 7 machine upstairs.  I'm looking at other options.  Needless to say, my sole reason for buying a Mac (actually, I bought several) just went out the window.  Stupid move on Apple's part, IMO...  Loss of FR support is a BIG DEAL to me.  Just because something's not getting headlines doesn't mean that its not important.  The reason that we didn't hear much about it is because it "Just Worked." 


    There are SO many reasons why they shouldn't be killing FR:


    1.  It's a  HUGE differentiator between MacOS and Windows.  Think about it:  Microsoft STILL doesn't have a proper FR competitor.  Media Center is getting close, but it doesn't work NEAR as well with networked computers, in my experience.  I bought my first Mac because of Front Row, and I showed it off to all of my friends.


    2.  All of those fancy (and EXPENSIVE) Apple remotes.  Useless now.


    3.  Apple has two feet in the door when it comes to owning the television set.  They already have the store, and they have more flexibility there because of the software framework (though the AppleTV network is crap and doesn't work well, in my experience).  They just need to fix AppleTV and come up with a business model that competes.  Tom Neumayr (Apple spokesman) is full of it; people don't mind renting TV shows, but they aren't going to do it at $0.99 a pop for TV shows.  Netflix/Hulu illustrates a business model that can work.  Front Row can do a lot to help them gain in this market.  It is very easy to use, and people are already used to the interface. 


    4.  They already have the codebase, so why waste it?


    I think that this is a really short-sighted move on Apples's part.  I understand the desire to cut costs, but Front Row is more important than they think it is, in my opinion.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come...

  • Victor Beltran Level 1 Level 1

    The fact of the matter is that Front Row, has been discontinued because Apple wants you to buy an Apple TV and with the upcoming of iCloud, they will justify more the use of such device. Apple is gonna claim that we don't need Front Row, because we can buy an Apple TV to connected to our TV Screen and sync all the content automatically on the Cloud. Remember, Apple is a business like all computer companies, so, any strategy to sold more products is welcome to te stockholders. This is not about make our life simpler or make our selfs comfortable, is about marketing and selling products. But if we make pressure on the social networks, we can achieve some results, tag apple and apple store on tweeter and facebook asking the relauch of Front Row or an app that replaced and may be we can get some results, after all, we are many people uncomfortable with the disappearance of Front Row, than hopefully they bring it back!!!

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