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  • Robin Bonathan Level 1 Level 1

    Not good


    But there is an easy work around.


    as I said now a couple of times you CAN use front row with lion and latest itunes.

  • zoltan205 Level 1 Level 1

    The Front Row it was a frankly useless crap, all the clever Mac user use XMBX or Plex.

    Apple remote control still works with ITunes and Plex and XBMC!

    Take your  the medicine! or reinstall Snow leopard if the other option is not good for you!


    The Plex and XBMC free to try, it also plays Windows media files to, beside shows the weather,and perfectly work with the Apple remote control!

    Here are the links to download:

  • Robin Bonathan Level 1 Level 1

    Not everyone uses front row as a media player.


    There are many media players to chose from.



    front row is excellent for movie trailers.

  • zoltan205 Level 1 Level 1

    Instead of crying for all go to google search and type : Media Center for Mac ...:DDD

  • TomFr Level 1 Level 1

    Yes the remote still work, but (at least on my systems) will no longer exit the display standby mode.

    Yes, there are Plex, XBMC out there.... they work well, that add many features not found in Front Row but they don't replicate the basic ones: installed out of the box, automated iTunes integration...


    By the way, if we all agree that dropping Front Row is just fine because there are good replacement for free.... then following that logic: let's drop Quicktime (there is VLC), let's kill Safari (there is Firefox or Chrome or Opera...), let's erase (there's Thunderbird).


    One strengh of the OSX experience was the integration and (relative) ease of use with an out of the box system.

    It is being torn apart...

  • zoltan205 Level 1 Level 1


    For most part I agree with you, most people they do not even know that iTunes is not just playing music, but video as well, on the other hand, photos, music, videos can be play from directly from Finder (alt+Space full screen) and the Quick Time and DVD player is built into the system to ... I ask why so many media players if you do not need!

    Mac for me means: the simplicity....

  • George1967 Level 1 Level 1

    Robin, I 've got one Mac running Lion and iTunes 10.4 and another running Snow Leopard and iTunes 10.4. On SL, the iTunes integration with Front Row is still working, but in Lion it isn't.  I think the main difference is that on SL iTunes is running as a 32-bit application, while in Lion it's now a 64-bit application.


    I'm sure we're all familiar with System Preferences needing to restart in 32-bit mode when accessing settings for some older applications.  So I reckon that if you don't update iTunes after installing Lion, you'll be keeping a 32-bit application that's perfectly happy to work alongside a re-instated 32-bit Front Row...


    In terms of Front Row versus XBMC, Plex etc I think some folks are missing the point that I and others were making in earlier posts.  I lament the passing of Front Row because it is a simple bit of interface that made accessing media files a plain affair and it was only a remote button away...


    I've tried XBMC; I've tried Plex; but I want Front Row!  Simply because it lacks all the bells and whistles of the other media centre apps that are out there.

  • Taxes Level 1 Level 1
    Apple TV

    "The Front Row it was a frankly useless crap, all the clever Mac user use XMBX or Plex.'


    I use Plex for watching internet videos and can easily say that Plex is not, I repeat, is not, a suitable replacement for the simplicity and convenience that Front Row provides. Neither are the other similar peices of software.Not even close.


    I use Front Row all the time because with a single click on the Apple remote you have simple and fast access to all your media. Things like Apple TV2 and an iPad, both of which I own, are not replacements for Front Row, on say my iMac, since obviously they are separate devices.


    There is now no way to have Lion and and the latest version of iTunes installed and have total and easy access to all your media on a Mac. Apple is stupid for getting rid of such a fantastic and elegantly simple piece of software. And further, Apple is arrogant and inconsiderate to not even let those updating to Lion know about their lousy decision.


    I love Apple but that's a lousy way to treat your customers.


    Yes, I have left feedback for Apple.

  • zoltan205 Level 1 Level 1

    Even opened by clicking one of the Front Row, was full of bugs! incompletely showed the  ITunes album covers, not rent movie from ITunes with a single click , not play Windows Media files and  Divix and Xvid not

    play movie subtitles! and the weather and Netflix does not show!

    The only thing I could tell the front row for the benefit, namely thatshe was beautiful interface! no need to set up, but although most of the format is cant played:(


    Iam sorry, but i dont need for only waching movie trailers, ITunes is good for that...


    I belive most people is upset becouse thay not able to learn to use and configure different Players


    Sorry abouth my English is not as good than my Russian and Hungaryan....

  • Robin Bonathan Level 1 Level 1



    You can use front row & latest version of itunes with lion.


    I am using it.

  • jogiba Level 1 Level 1

    Robin Bonathan wrote:




    You can use front row & latest version of itunes with lion.


    I am using it.

    Robin Bonathan wrote:




    You can use front row & latest version of itunes with lion.


    I am using it.

    What kind of hoops did you have to jump through to get Lion/iTunes 10.4/ Front Row to work ?

  • Robin Bonathan Level 1 Level 1



    I had a copy of front row from apps folder which I copied into another folder.


    Ran the application mentoned top of page. linked here :-



    Enabled run in 32bit mode (click on info and tick box) and i run it from the directory i copied it too (but with icon on task bar).


    It runs fine, I then installed x.4 of itunes, still runs.


    took less than 5 mins.

  • louid Level 1 Level 1

    I disagree Zoltan205,


    I find its simplicity a huge plus for me, it provides a nice UI for simple things like Movie trailers, Movies, Photos, Music and Podcasts.


    I'm surprised see the lack of people mentioning Podcasts, I watch and listen to them all the time.   I have a Mac Mini in my living room, and I use my remote to watch movies off my NAS box, and also to watch and Listen to Podcasts.  So far the fix (or work around for Lion and Front Row) only works for movies and Photo's.


    Plex and XMBC, will play music, video's and some on-line content, and even the weather, but will not play podcasts.


    I think Apple should have left Front-Row in, or at least given US the choice.


    just my 2 cents.



  • zoltan205 Level 1 Level 1

    I am sorry you missunderstand my bad English, as i said to: "only plus was in Front Row is the  simplicity...and

    unfortunately not the skills"


    ITunes plays podcast, radio chanels and movies, music, movie trailer too and you can rent HD movies with one single click:) The Apple remote is works with to....


    an other hand XBMC is just is simple than Front Row...

  • Edumara Level 1 Level 1

    Can you please clarify? I've tried forcing Lion to run Front Row (in /Applications) to run as a 32-bit application (hardly necessary, it seems to me, as it isn't a 64-bit application) and it has no effect on the interworking with iTunes 10.4. I've also tried forcing iTunes 10.4 to run as a 32-bit application (on Lion), but Front Row interoperability continues to be lost. What am I missing?

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