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I upgraded to Lion and now my scanner (Konica Minolta Di3010f) can't seem to find my computer. IP address is static and verified.  Calld Konica Minolta and of course they stated this is a Lion issue as this new OS version has changed security for such scanning. They say I simply need to wait for Apple to generate a patch/fix.  the software I believe is PageScope which after scanning sends a PDF file to my designed folder on my Mac.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    I don't follow scanners but if it is an older scanner it may never work with Lion as it may be PowerPC software and support for PPC software has been dropped with Lion.

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    thanks - yes my scanner/printer/fax machine is a high speed unit, has been great for 5+ years.  Seems strange that it simply can no longer find my Mac/folder so it can't send the scanned PDF file.   Sure wish Mac would have informed users what would not be available with Lion rather than simply what would be available.  This is really killing me and my business not being able to scan dozens of pages each day.

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    Thanks for your help - unfortunately this is not a PowerPC software issue apparently.  spent an hour or so with Apple IT support and they can't figure out the problem.  They stated if there were PowerPC - related "unsupported software" on my computer Lion would make a list of any unsupported PowerPC software and places it in a folder on the root directory of the mac.  It appears there is a problem simply with FTP - my printer FTPs the scanned PDF file to my Mac and now it can't find my Mac.  Turned off firewall, still can't find.

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    I am experiencing the same issue with my new MacBook Pro... I finally decided to make the Mac transition with my new laptop as my old pc's were several years old and on there last legs.  As a PC user I knew that it would be challenging to learn the new system and I am very computer dependant with my small insurance agency; therefore in conducting my research I called Konica Minolta and talked with my service tech to make sure that I could still perform all the same functions with my two year old Bizhub C203 using a Mac "Oh yes, that will not be a problem!". I finally order my MacBook and it arrived about three weeks ago, called and set up an appointment for my tech to come out and set up the print drivers and scanning folder.  When he arrived at my office he just gave me a blank stare and said " well I an probably figure it out but I really don't configure macs regularly, do you know how?" then he proceeded to hand me an instruction print off on how to install a scan folder etc.   However this sheet was obviously from years ago because none of the configuration options were even available on the lion os; grrr.  Why do I even pay for a service contract when the technicians are asking me how to configure it?  If I knew I wouldn't call th em!  When I went to the Konica Minolta web site I found trouble shooting for the Mac OS 10.6 which I find bothersome, if they have not worked out all the kinks with 10.6 then how long is it going to take before they configure 10.7? Long story short, (ok not that short), I remembered that you can perform some of the functions over your network via firefox (I also found out that Konica Minolta is not Safari compatible).  If you know the ip address of your printer, mine is ( ) you can then login to your printer by typing in the ip address in the address bar, from there you can login to your printer and compleate some functions that otherwise you would need a driver for.  Please note these features are better than not having any but are much more time consuming than when the drivers are installed and working properly!! Thank you Konica Minolta !


    1. Printing: You are able to print if you click on the tab that says "Direct Print" then you can print your document or file if it is saved as a PDF, TIFF, JPG and several other formats.

              (If you would like to print something that is not saved as a document for instance a web page you can go to "file" then "print" then in the bottom left hand corner there is a button that says "PDF" then you select "save as PDF") Under the direct print tab you then click on the "Open" button and locate the file that you would like to  print. Highlight the file location and then hit print, now your document should be on it's way to the printer.


    2. Scanning Click on the tab "Box", if you haven't already you will "Create a User Box".  Once you have a user box you can then go to your printer, select the user box as the destination of your scan and proceed as you would otherwise in selecting your scanning preferences.  Once you have scanned your document to your user box you can then access it through firefox, although the process is much longer than simply clicking on your scan folder.  Open firefox, type in your machine's ip address in the address bar, login to printer, click on "box" tab, click on your user box name.  Once you open your user box you should see thumbnails of your scanned documents along the other document information.  Now here is where the fun begins... in order to download each document you need to "specify" on the drop down menu "download to pc" then click "changes the display" then select the document you would like to download (PLEASE NOTE YOU CAN NOT DOWNLOAD SEVERAL DOCUMENTS AT ONCE    if you check several documents at      once they will combine and download as one file rather than separate files.)  once you select the file you click "download setting" you are then able to make a few document format changes if you would like (honestly I think it is a ridiculous time consuming step to have to do with every document)  then click "ok" then it will give you a message that it is printing... now you can finally click "download" select your file location destination and then you are finished... UGG so many steps for one document!!! 


    PRINT DRIVERS: To everyone who uses a Konica Minolta printer/ copier/ scanner etc. DO NOT upgrade to Lion until Konica Minolta releases new drivers.  To those of us who have either purchased a new Mac or upgraded I feel your pain, I would not waste time with Konica Minolta on the phone or by calling your tech... check the Konica Minolta website to see whether or not they have released the driver for your specific printer.  You can do so by going to http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/AdvancedSearch.aspx

    then type in your model number in the "Product Name" field, then selecting "drivers" in the field just below under file type. I have found that the Mac Drivers are listed toward the bottom of the list and are not labeled by the Mac OS names rather their numbers so Lion will be listed as Mac OS 10.7 ...


    If someone does find that Konica Minolta has released new drivers for Lion please be kind and reply to this post!! I hope this helps everyone, good LUCK!

    Additionally if anyone else has figured out any shortcuts to the processes I have explained please do share!!! I am at a loss for how time involved simple tasks now take!

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    i did upgrade to Lion ... but unfortunately my scanner can not be found. its a Konica Minolta 4695MF.

    its a shame there can not be found any supporting driver!

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    There's a new version for 10.7 OSX on http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download dated Sep 30, 2011.   I needed to reset my printers setting in order for the new driver to show up.  GL. 

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    Thanks thuyen, I found the new driver and installed it.

    How did you do to make it show up? Thanks!

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    Its done ... and its working again ... great !!

    I did a reset of my printer setting – thats all.

    So happy now !!