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    You may wish what you want but this will not change the app design.

    Duplicate your files from the Finder giving them the wanted new names.

    Then open the new ones, edit them and close them.

    The app will autosave them.


    I wish to repeat that  changing a document from standard one to template just require to rename it fromazert.numbers to azert.nmbtemplate.


    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) mercredi 4 janvier 2012

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    I think it's awsome that you have so many clients with OS X computers and Numbers that you get 40 Numbers files delivered to you each day.


    The Mac really is catching on.



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    Hi Jerrold


    With such a result, I would not complain against Apple, I would shout "THANK YOU"


    Yvan KOENIG (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 6 janvier 2012

    iMac 21”5, i7, 2.8 GHz, 12 Gbytes, 1 Tbytes, mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.2

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    I agree that ditching the "Save As..." specific menu option (Pages as well as Numbers) is confusing and is also a terrible idea. Am I simply too old to embrace new ideas? Not when the suck!


    Save/Save As are primary tenants of file management. Adding new features need not eliminate existing rational standards.

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    Save As has been restored in iWork 9.2 & Mountain Lion.



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    Unfortunately this does not appear to be true. I have updated to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and Numbers 09  2.2 (516) and there IS NO SAVE AS.


    The only way I have found to get to Save As is by clicking on HELP and entering SAVE AS which then (temporarily) gives me access to SAVE AS if I drag the cursor over to the EDIT sub-menu but I have to do this each and every time I want to use Save As.


    This may seem unimportant to others but I have used Save As for 30+ years and I consider it to be a serious deficiency for Numbers to have apparently dropped it just when I started buying Mac's.


    I have never owned (or even looked at) Apples and Mac's until I bought some iPads which led to MacBook Pro's and a Mac mini and iPhones etc. Apple needs to keep things as simple as possible for old IBMers and Windows users to convert to Mac's.


    Why is Save As so important to me?


    Because I use it whenever I take inventory (any inventory of anything). When I do this I ALWAYS keep my old Excel/Numbers worksheets which have the previous inventory date as part of the file name.


    As a result I want to keep the old dated worksheet and the newly dated worksheets both so that I know I am using the most recent inventory (spread out among multiple computers).


    A side benefit of this is that when I had a burglary I had no problems with the insurance company because the multiple (dated) inventories documented that I had kept my inventory records up to date especially regarding consumable inventories.


    I may be mistaken (I hope I am) and perhaps someone can tell me how to put Save As permanently under the File menu?


    Frankly, Apple instructions leave a lot to be desired as they seem to assume that the user has a significant previous history with Apple products. I have not checked recently but it seems that there are no instructions for my MacBook Pro Retina or my particular MacBook Pro 17". This seems kind of silly to me.


    I am NOT anti-Apple (heck I just spent a bundle on Apple stuff). I just find that the basic info really seems to lack a lot for Apple newbies like myself. I have Apple Care and One-On-One but the Apple Store (while great) is about 50 miles away.




    PS I might add that IWork seems to be either gone or in Limbo in  that there were different options and terms when buying Pages, Numbers and Keynotes via the App Store or via the Apple Store. When I asked about IWorks I was told that as long as I have Pages, Numbers and Keynotes I have iWorks and there is nothing more to be had.


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    Try holding the option key down. "Duplicate" changes to "Save As" for me now.


    There are still some Save/SaveAs Dialog issues that are non-standard with Apple's "iWork" applications that seem to be due to iCloud implementation but at least the Save As can be accessed!


    and ... I think iWork as a bundle is no longer offered. Instead each "App" is available separately from the App Store (desktop versions and iOS versions). They remain a good value for the money and if you don't need or want one of the trio you don't need to buy it. The "upgrade" path for those that bought the iWork disk in the past is a bit fuzzy to me, or simply non-existant!



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    I would never have thought to try the Option Key (I had to look for it as I was unaware it existed). As you suggested, the Option Key brought up the Save As option.


    Many thanks,



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    Thanks for the Option key trick. Works perfect! Major fail on Apple's part to eliminate a feature that is a computing standard. I use the Save As feature constantly in my work. If already had to go back into Time Machine numerous times to retrive a file that I accidentally saved over.

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    Gosh, what a joke. Have you guys read the reviews at the App Store? I just asked for my $20 back. Sticking with Open Office!

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    Mac OS X

    Is this related to Save as..? For feedback to Apple on that, maybe try this:




    Actually, the automatic versioning in Numbers is useful. Less need to Save as...


    Always fascinated by evidence that some take App Store comments more seriously than the many more balanced reviews that are available, or quality time spent with a product to see what it can and can't do.



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    In all honesty... The easiest way around the SAVE AS feature not being there is as follows:


    If you have a standard document that you just use time and time again but change the info inside of it.  Take that document, and set it up the way it should be but leave all the areas of input blank.  Save as a Template.  This allows you to open and Untitled document everytime and then you can name it and save it as what ever you want to call it.  This works great because you can specify then where to save it when you do.  Also this way it will never change the file name or possibly save over the template.  I ALWAYS creates a new untitled document.


    Hope that this helps.  I have found that this saves me a ton of time using this method.

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    Hi JShep69,


    This is a pretty old thread.


    Templates are handy.  But have you noticed, as others have described up-thread, that "Save As" is still there?  Just hold down the option key when you go to the File menu.



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    Not quite - I have to disagree there. The menu item SAVE does not open the save dialogue, it just saves the file you've got open. THere's absolutely NO CHOICE to give the file a new name.

    Do the people who write this code have any discourse with the users, or any idea what the users want?


    The only way I have found to do anything like a saveas is to DUPLICATE the file through the menu item save, this makes a copy on your screen (you'll then have 2 files open) - and use the menu item save which then gives you a saves option. Too longwinded in my opinion, but then I'm only a user of the software trying to do my thing - and not a code person who thinks I should work in a certain way only, and only have the features that stop me using any kind of intelligence or working independently with a modicum of common sense and computer literacy.

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    Mac OS X

    BurtonPK wrote:



    The only way I have found to do anything like a saveas is to DUPLICATE the file through the menu item save, this makes a copy on your screen (you'll then have 2 files open) - and use the menu item save which then gives you a saves option.


    Just hold down the option key as you open the File menu and you will see Save As... if you like using that better than Duplicate.  Save As works just the way it always has.



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