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I have the latest OSX 10.6.8.  I went to the APP store, purchased the download, and it just sits and does not download?  Any virus software is off and I have high speed Broadband...still nothing??

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    Having same problem.

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    Same same.  "OS X Lion - Waiting..."


    App store issues?  Even automated phone systems have an 'estimated wait time'.  This is terrible.

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    It's just waiting in my dock too. What's the holdup?

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    Downloaded 10.7 installer yesterday, spent the hours in between trying - in vain - to get a funtioning Lion OS installed. Tried on an internal HD with the 10.6.8 OS already on it, tried to an external, DiskUtility-formatted HD connected via Firewire, tried burning just the .app file to a DVD & installing from that, tried the .dmg installer (buried in the .app file) as another, bootable DVD to run my 9/2006 1stGen MacPro.


    In the 16+ years I've been dealing with (and happy to use) Macs, this is singularly the most troublesome, problematic OS install I've ever attempted.

    Even the messages when the install fails are cryptic. One suggests an Apple support document (apple.com/support/no-recovery) that then has another document linked for reference... which "... can't be found" when I click on it.

    For a company with a capitalization higher than just about every other US company my experience has been a 100% turn-off.

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    I think it's the App Store.  I keep getting the same message.  I don't want to "buy" over and over again when I already purchased it once. 


    I closed all applications except the App Store, too.  It errors with some pkg script.


    Install Mac OS X Lion 1.0.4 is already installed and was not purchased from the Mac App Store


    I have 10.6.8 (macbook pro 2.66 i7) so it should be seamless but ...

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    Hay folks...UPDATE!


    I just got off the phone with Apple Support.  The Servers are "slammed" with people downloading Lion.  They stated that once you purchase Lion, you will not be charged again until a full download is completed and no charge will be made until you successfully download Lion.


    So, patientce is a virtue and Appple states to wait for a while and try agin.  Maybe afer midnight?  LOL


    Good luck all!!!

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    I think I resolved the issue by bypassing the error message.  I know it's silly but make sure you have repaired permissions on your drive and you meet the requirements, etc.


    This is what I saw before completetion.


    1.  Credit card was charged only once (despite multiple prompts to buy).  I tried it on different dates but it was billed on first day.

    2.  The second day it didn't prompt to buy but only gave the pkg error.  It always had 6 minutes left and I was getting kicked out of App store and had to log in again.  Lion icon looks as if it docks on your dock but it doesn't really do anything.

    3. Go to the /Applications folder.  You will not find the mzm.stuhjljp.pkg file anywhere but you will find the Lion installation file. 

    4.  Click on the installation file and it works!



    The installation file is actually the complete 3.49 gigabytes.