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  • Eduardo Gutierrez De O. Level 1 Level 1

    Hibernian56 wrote:


    Perhaps more human interaction would be good for you. I bet you're from Madrid, or is it Barcelona/? The football isn't going well is it? Maybe you need a holiday or a cat, something to stop you trolling.


    Do you understand now? Will I translate it for you?


    To sum up, stop being such a Pajero.


    So, you try to insult me at the same time you're accussing me of trolling and asking why I feel offended?


    I'm not from neither. I don't follow Football. "Pajero" is not a word used in Spain at all (although it's common in Latin America).


    I'm sorry if my explanations don't agree with you. You're entitled to being angry but that doesn't make you right on whose fault these problems are. If you provide support for your workplace (as I do mine) you should've known Windows Networking is not 100% compatible with all versions out there (as I did and you rightly say was reported in betas). You could've saved you a week of grief.


    I pointed out the error I saw in your blaming not because I have any interest in Apple but because it was incorrect, just that. I feel Apple brought this unto themselves but disagree with you on their mistake. To me was including software completely outside their control, without any assurance of ongoing support and without control over its licensing. Had they not done that people would be used by now to simply getting a SMB driver and would be happy about it (as they do tons of other things without any issues).


    I don't see people suffering for getting Windows Media codecs from Flip4Mac or Perian today? Do you really see a difference there? This is not different. The only difference is that Apple made the error to include Samba in 2002 and now they're regretting they ever did. OS X should've never included SMB Support because it's a closed proprietary protocol (bunch of protocols, actually). SMB2 on the other hand is an open protocol and Apple does well implementing it. They do well integrating everything they can, as long as they can be assured the protocol is either open (SMB2), licensable (H264) or has an agreement in place (Java), and they currently do. Samba was the odd one and they've paid for it.


    The fact that I don't agree with what you consider the source of your problem doesn't mean I don't sympathize with it (if I didn't I wouldnt've made SMBUp, actually). Neither pointing it out. If you fell better lashing out and showering ad hominems and other fallacies at me for pointing it out then feel free to do so. I made my point but can't force it on anyone.

  • Hibernian56 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Ok all done here. Thanks Apple, another two days of my life wasted fixing your problems.


    Apple really are beginning to loose the run of themselves, they have lost focus of their customers, they are certainly not "thinking different" anymore, just thinking corporate.


    I know this is off on a tangent, but it reinforces my point about their recent treatment of customers;


    The interesting thing is, I have two of these macbook pro's, one with the screen removed sitting in an office connected to an LCD panel. They are still great machines let down by a crappy third party component. As I said, I had the same issue, dead screen on one of them, but after a fair bit of weekend diagnostics I realised it was not a fried video chip. The heat off the video chip had fried a unbranded MOSFET surface soldered BESIDE the chip. Only very close examination under magnification showed this. A high quality replacement cost me €0.55!!!


    I replaced the chip, but unfortunately as with most modern tech, it uses multi layered PCB's it was beyond repair, the heat damage was in a layer I could not get at. In the end I managed to get it working by disconnecting the LCD panel completely (which was found but confusing a hardware check due to the fried chip, hence failing to boot up).


    So as you can see, great hardware let down by a third party component. But at the end of the day I don't buy a laptop based on the brand of the MOSFET used do I?

  • Eduardo Gutierrez De O. Level 1 Level 1

    I was truly hoping Rex won that thing. Apple's behaviour was apalling and should've been punished.


    I see it's been closed now, sadly with just the minimum amount paid by Apple and not enough PR damage for this to affect them (I also did my bit sharing this story but I don't think it got the coverage it should've got).


    Even if I've had nothing but excellent support every time I've had Apple fix my stuff I still think these cases should be publicized as loud and wide as possible.


    I hope the class action suit goes through, too.


    Incidentally, this is not "the new Apple". Stuff like this has happened since the Apple II and happens in all these corporations. It should not be allowed and the punishment should be big and swift but sadly it's not recent or exclusive of Apple. I suspect it comes with the territory of becoming a large corporation (as none seem immune).

  • Hibernian56 Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    True, once the "suits" move in we are all doomed. Its a simple case of profits come first. I think issues experienced by Apple in relation to the nVidia for example set in motion a mindset of "deny at all costs" driven by the legal section of the suits. This unfortunately is part and parcel of the corporate world.


    Both of the laptop I mentioned experienced the "exploding battery" phenomenon, remember that? Apple refused to acknowledge the problem as the product was out of warranty. That is until I was on the phone one day to Apple support telling them that I intended to use my laptop wearing shorts exclusively, and any resulting injury would be their issue despite their claims the batteries were no longer covered. I got my battery replaced soon afterwards.


    As I said though, in my opinion Apple make great hardware, possibly the best. Having "fixed" my better half's HP DV6000 laptop four or five times, the pure frustration in opening it with it's nearly 60 screws, all of different lenght's with lots of ribbon cables that are just the right size, I had huge respect for the people that assemble the HP but utter disgust at the persons involved in its design.


    I ended up giving her my old reliable Macbook Pro. Overkill for Facebook, but that's life!! I know it should run for ever as the programs she will run won't punish it as much as I used to.


    Anyway, hopefully Apple will begin to listen, just like they used to. I don't really think a class action solves anything, only the solicitors win in the end, I think they just need to shift their sights back to the existing loyal (for now) customer and not the solely new customer.

  • t228 Level 1 Level 1

    I've been having the same problem connecting to my work server. Oddly enough, the window view "hack" worked for me. I would never have guessed to even try viewing the folders in a different view, as I always use column view. All views work for me *except* column view.   This is very silly.

  • nick5454 Level 1 Level 1

    Here's how I solved it.


    Go to KeyChain Access --> Login --> Find the server name and delete the key chain


    Next time you login in Finder, click Connect As and it will prompt you to type in the user name/password

  • aPEXMac Level 1 Level 1

    Is there now a solution available for Samba 2?

    I still can not connect an AMIGA to my Mac. I hate Apple for that.


    Start now using FTP and FTP-Servers on each device until Apple will block again something...

  • PortaflexSVT Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same issue trying to connect as another username on a domain. I was finally able to connect using Connect to Server > smb://domain\username:password@server/sharename


    ie. smb://contoso\bbrown:Pa$$word1 @$

  • LightningMike Level 1 Level 1

    Hey Eduardo...


    I recently upgraded to Mountain Lion on my iMac but left my MBP alone for now.  I have a Gen1 AppleTV that I use as a streamer running XBMC.  I had problems keeping the "connection" between the ATV and the USB Media drive that I use so I installed SMBup.  The ATV is hardwired (no wifi) to my network directly to my Airport Extreme.  So now I can connect but upon power down of the ATV and re-powering the next day it "loses" the connection to stream.  The ATV shows all the XMBC menus and is fully functional otherwise, but while it lists a movie that is on the USB drive, it won't play it saying the movie is no longer available.  I went back to SMBup, unlocked and stopped Samba, then re-started it, locked it... and my movies stream just fine until the next power down.


    Is there something in the settings that can be changed to ensure that the iMac/USB Drive/ATV talk to each other all the time when they are booted?  I am not a technician so please explain in layman's terms LOL.



  • Peter The Greater Level 1 Level 1

    Another guy experiencing a similar problem here- just managed to fix. The problem was on the server's end. After painfully going through the console to figure out what was wrong, we isolated the problem (and solution) to this-;en-us;177078

  • LightningMike Level 1 Level 1

    As noted in last sentence LOL... I need a layman's explanation on why an Apple iMac combined with an Apple TV Gen1 won't stay "connected" for more than 24 hours.  The link goes right to a Microsoft solution for a Windows PC running a MS operating system.  I wouldn't have a clue how to find the iMac's registry and how to modify it.


    Thanks for trying to help though.  Maybe if you can explain it it would make sense.



  • ADT19104 Level 1 Level 1

    This solution worked for me as well. I have a Netgear WNDR3700 with a Seagate 3TB hard drive connected to readyshare. I could not get this to connect using the GUI. I'm able to access it by mounting it using the terminal command as you indicated.


    The share name in the router is "goflex"


    I used the folloiwng command since i did not specify a username or password for the readyshare in the router.


    I used "mkdir ~/Desktop/GOFLEX"


              "mount -t smbfs //guest@readyshare/goflex ~/Desktop/GOFLEX"


    Password was not required.

  • Ben.Stratton-Woodward Level 1 Level 1

    Reading the Windows comp to the domain - This worked for me:

    I am using AD for authentication the os x server

    I was able to connect using AD creds via AFP on my Mac + smb on the Mac but not from a Windows machine.

    Removed then readied windows computers to the domain (2 restarts but it works!)



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