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    Hello i need a favour ive managed to get hold of a gx24 and i would love to use it as a hobby has anyone got a copy of cut studio for mac i cant seem to find it anywhere ive emailed Roland and they are yet to get back to me please could someone Help! thank you :-)

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    Hello everyone,


    I read this post when I locked myself out of the preference pane trying to install my driver to run VersaWorks. My business partner assisted me in fixing the problem. I will try and explain his doings.


    I have Text Wrangle on my Mac so this helped:


    go to library/printers and open up InstalledPrinters.plist


    Now since I knew that it was the VersaWorks printer that i had installed and that was what had locked me out of my printer preferences, it was a no-brainer as to which one had messed up my printer preferences button.


    when you click on the .plist, Text Wrangler should open and you will see code.


    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Print the page so as if something happens you can retype the fields as needed.


    As you read down the code, you will see <key>InstalledPrinters</key>


    find the printer that locked you out of your printer preference pane and erase the line i.e.-




    below the Installed Printers it says




    find the code i.e.-




    and remove it.


    Click File, Save.


    Open your Settings Menu, Printers and Scanners and there it is! Problem solved, least it did for me. Good luck

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