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Installed Lion 24hrs ago, Ive just gone to use Roland Cut Studio to get a job out, the plugin runs fine in illustrator 5.1 however when you click the cut icon nothing happens, I have emailed Roland, just wondered if anyone had this issue and knows of a work around.


I have another mac but wont be updating to Lion until all the chinks are worked out, I was hoping that these were done with the beta testing, I went to Mac 2 years ago, just now hoping they dont go down microsofts route of releasing products then working out the bugs as they go.


I do appreciate this is a Roland issue as they produce the hardware & software. Just saying is all

Mac Book Pro, + OS X
  • Ledsled Level 1 (0 points)

    I am not installing just becasue of this issue here. The reason it won't cut is because the little 90kb app CutStudioOutput is PowerPC based. OS 10.7 cut all support for PowerPC based apps and this tiny little one is keeping me from upgrading. I have contacted Roland about the issue but the guy on thphone had no idea what I was talking about. He said the plugin should work with Illustrator CS5. I said yes, the plugin works fine, BUT the little app that launches when you press "cut" won't work and I was wondering if you planned on updating the software. He still didn't quite understand and said he would pass it along to the software people. So until they get around to updating that 90kb PowerPC app to be Intel compatible, I'm stuck on Snow Leopard. Awesome....

  • saintmonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeh, I emailed support @ Roland a few days ago still no reply, Ive reverted back to Snow Leopard and put lion on an external drive for now. As Ive said to few trolls on here I'm not that bothered about fancy animations, my macs are used for Business not bebo and playing games. When something doesnt work it cost me money. With Lion I have had upgrade a few apps which meant paying again for later versions.


    Will watch this space with Roland, if you hear anything pls let me know

  • Ledsled Level 1 (0 points)

    Exactly. I'll hound them on their twitter every once in a while too. As long as we get the word out, it might help speed them up in updating!

  • saintmonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    Just had a reply ...


    "I can clear up one thing from your email right away. The Cut Studio plug-in is not supported on Lion. This is something which is being looked into currently as Lion’s lack of support for Power PC applications will require the plug-in to be completely re-written to work with Lion" ...

  • saintmonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    Ive just had an update from Roland support, seems they have no plans to update the plugin or support lion (at this time)



    would like to confirm that that the current version of the plug-in is not compatible with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion). There are currently no plans to support the use of the GX-24 via Illustrator on Mac OS 10.7. This may change in the future once Adobe officially support the use of their product on Lion."


    Thats really disappointing !

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    Has anyone heard anything new/different? Is there a workaround? Am I forced to use the cutter with a different machine or revert back to snow leopard?


    I'm also trying to contact Roland and will continue to rally for an updated plug-in.


    This is a major bust.

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    I tried to install Snow Leopard on a new partition but my Mac was having non of it, back to having a laptop next to the cutter again.


    This has nothing to do with Adobe's support for Lion, Illustrator CS5 is supported on the latest processors on our Macs, CutStudio is still in the dark ages and Roland really should have updated by now.

  • saintmonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    What Lion won't let you install snow leopard on an external drive or do you mean with bootcamp? Apple wont allow their product on Bootcamp, all be it I did look into it and there is a work around.


    This wkend Im installing Lion on an external and putting snow Leopard back on the internal as a fresh install.


    Roland are basically saying in my emails from them that Adobe don't technically support Lion, and as its an Adobe Plugin theyre are using that as the cop out, If you are a member of any print forums, get people to complain to Roland, as they are basically acting like its easy to just say we dont support it, I was in the process of busing a new versacamm but if this is what Roland call support then I must think twice about using their product.


    On the whole I personally for buisness graphical and other use feel I have wasted the £20 as I've had to re purchase a number of apps that no longer work with Lion, one possitive though Snow Leopard wouldnt support or run my SMB drive ... Lion does ... I will login every now and then on Lion and wait for updates, then I will just pop the External Drive in as the main one

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    I was tring it on Bootcamp, easier to use a separte Mac than have to keep re booting anyway.


    Sonds like the Roland tech support should talk to their devolopers, Apple made previous OS's support old PowerPC based applications with Rosetta but dropped it with Lion - In the same way we could run OS9 software for a while when OSX came along- I guess to make everything more efficient and you can't keep supporting old technology else some would still be running their OS9 version of Quark (I probably would!!)


    The CutStudio plug in works perfectly with Lion in Abobe Illustrator CS5, the problem is that when you click the cutter button the application that drives the cutter does not launch - because it's relying on now discontinued PowerPC support - and how long ago did Apple mover to Intel? Roland have had plenty of time to sort this.


    All that said, I love my Roland cutter and would never dream of changing even if it does mean I need my MacBook sitting there to drive it.

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    I received this response from Roland this afternoon:


    "The update for Cut Studio Plug in for Lion OSX will be released in the Third Quarter of 2011."


    Hmmm... so, soon, right?

  • realhiphop0331 Level 1 (75 points)

    ahahah maybe. a companies 3rd quarter of their 2011 fiscal year could be november. ahahahaha depends on their book keeping.

  • tofuguts Level 1 (10 points)

    Looks like Roland are trying to upload something... There's a version 1.42 on their site at the moment, but it's a .exe?

  • tofuguts Level 1 (10 points)

    Seems that they've updated it again at

    Haven't had a chance to test it, but figured I'd post this up.

  • saintmonkey Level 1 (0 points)

    Macbook pro i17 core duo Lion ...


    running CS5.5 illustartor 5.1


    All I get is a spinning colour wheel then nothing !


    Also had issues with Java applets with lion even after downloading the lion java update from support !


    Lion ughhh!

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