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  • miliet Level 1 (0 points)



    I've sent the engineer that i'm in contact the log files (system, kernel, wifi) and he suspects that is vmware what is preventing the airport card be connected the net. I've just uninstalled vmware and all is in the same status. But for sure, it's not a problem with router or net because it works perfectly with other gadgets and my airport card is death. It doesn't work, it can't be activated and we don't know the reason.

    Could anyone upload the systempreferences files that work just for checking in my system if they work too?



  • FilR Level 1 (0 points)


    since i have installed Lion the menu bar on the right corner doesn't show any icons and i can't connect wifi. But, the wierd thing is that faillure doesn't happen every time i turn on the computer - if i turn on the computer 10 times, about nine times it fails, only once it runs normaly.

  • federicofromchicago Level 1 (0 points)

    @FilR, the exact same thing (that I have to restart about 10 times) happens to me! it's so strange! Why does it 'magically' start working after the 9th boot??


    @AMMONCAN I think you're diluting the thread. if we simply can't get our laptop's wifi to turn on, it can't be a problem with our network - it's a firmware issue. BTW, just because our cards share the same name and firmware, doesn't mean they're identical - sometimes Apple buys components from different suppliers and names them the same way.

    I recently swapped my HDD for a completely new one and updated to Lion from a clean SL install - still doesn't work. I'm on a late 2008 5,1 MacBook. Either my airport extreme card is faulty, or the OS is faulty - there are no other options at this point.

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    @ federicofromchicago well said!


    BTW I am remote desktoping with an engineer tomorrow so hopefully it might shed some light!

  • kevinrobers Level 1 (10 points)

    Ok, just to close this debate. I've performed a clean install of SL, updated SL fully, turned of wifi and deleted the content of the /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration folder and installed Lion trough the App Store. When i booted Lion the wifi problem re-appeared so this is 100% a Lion issue. I've allready tried this before but it didn't delete the content of /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration before upgrading.


    I'm still in contact with Apple and i hope they'll find the solution.

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    After some problems with conections to  w-fi Airport Extreme I updated the firmware on the base station and the system is back up to the spec. it had with Snow Leopard. 

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    Since my last post there have been some new posts that have confirmed what I have been trying to point out, which is that there are more than just one variable involved in relation to the Wi-Fi/Network issue you are having. It is most likely that you are having an issue because of the external devices and/or hardware/software you are using that wasn't originally apart of your machine and isn't yet supported for Lion.


    I am not going to openly share my airport.preference.plist, as there is just too much personal info. in the file. However, if anyone wants to edit theirs and share it I would be more than willing to compare it with mine and point out the differences. Again, I personally have two MBP in my house that are both running Lion with no issues, as well as personally knowing other family and friends who are not having any issues.


    For me personally, I am not using any external devices and/or hardware/software in regards to my Wi-Fi/Network that didn't originally come with my machine other than a modem and router. The modem is an ARRIS, which was provided by my internet provider, and my router is a Linksys E2000.

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    miliet, I'm dealing with an Apple Engineer on this as well.  Hopefully something will come of it.

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    I have the same mbp 5.1 with the broadcom airport. Did the apple engineers give any feedback?

  • jacen2141 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nothing from me yet.  I just got around to sending all the necessary info to the engineer.  I'll let you know if we discover anything.

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    Has anyone asked an engineer if it would be possible to try using the Snow Leopard airport firmware with Lion? I reverted back to Snow Leopard, so I wouldn't be able to test it myself.

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    I did but he didn't reply to that yet. The last few days have been busy so i'm not in contact with him every day anymore. A temporary workaround that works: take the content of the /library/preferences/SystemConfiguration from another Lion mac with a working wifi connection and replace it with the content of your /library/preferences/SystemConfiguration folder and reboot. The down side with that is dat these files contain some personal data like your hostname, interface configs etc.

  • Jake Jung Level 1 (0 points)

    kevinrobers, thank you for the info. I actually have access to another Mac running Lion whose Wi-Fi is working fine. About how long does the Wi-Fi work for before it turns off and you need to replace the folder? If it works for 1 day or more on average, I might install Lion and live with the workaround for a while. If it's multiple times a day, I think I'll just stick with Snow Leopard for the time being. Thanks.

  • kevinrobers Level 1 (10 points)

    Jake, it works until you reboot as far as i can tell you now. If you reboot or shutdown your machine you need te replace the settings again and reboot again and after that it works until your next reboot. I think it's better to wait until 10.7.1, maybe it includes a fix for this problem especially if wifi is really important for you.

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    Thanks again. I hope that 10.7.1 will fix the problem, but I'm not too hopeful because I tried the first developer seed of 10.7.2 and the problem was still there. Whether or not to upgrade it the problem goes unfixed would be an interesting question.


    If you don't mind yet another question, does Wi-Fi continue to work after waking up from sleep? I put my MPB to sleep often, but I only actually shutdown/restart when an update/software install requires it.

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