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I want to upgrade to OS X Lion, but before I do so I need to know if someone is already running Vectorworks 2008. I checked the Nemetschek page and according to them it won't run, but since the same happened when Snow Leopard was launched and the program worked fine with this OS, I still hope that maybe with Lion will work too.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
Reply by Kappy on Jul 21, 2011 3:51 PM Helpful
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  • Ivixor Level 1 Level 1

    How is vectorworks working for you Titasml?

  • titasml Level 1 Level 1

    It's working fine, I've had no major problems until now, but I'm waiting to see what happens with Lion. Like you, I can not risk it won't work.

  • Ivixor Level 1 Level 1

    Oh you havnt upgraded yet?

  • titasml Level 1 Level 1

    Nop. You?

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    I'm starting to investigate VW2008 in Lion and so far I've found that you cannot install it from the master disks under Lion because the Vise installer users Rosetta.


    I had removed VW from my laptop before loading Lion thinking I could just re-install it. NOPE.


    So I'm trying to boot in Snow Leopard and install from the master disks onto the disk with Lion. I suspect I'll have problems running it from this install but not sure time will tell.


    I've been using Macs for 20 years now and OS X since the first Beta with hardly any problems. Lion has me baffled. Apple what are you thinking. You must have seen that 100 of apps no longer work that are lurking on most users systems. Installers/Little utilities etc. Adobe may rake in a lot of upgrade $$. My Photoshop CS2 does most everything I need but now if I go with Lion looks like I'll have to upgrade..


    Nothing compelling so far in Lion either. Some interesting features that I wouldn't mid using, but if I have to spend thousands in new software just to stay with the current OS I'll pass...


    More when I get this installed I forgot how long this takes to load VW from DVD...




  • Bryan Harding Level 1 Level 1

    OK the good news is that VW2008 seems to work in Lion. I have only started it up. I drew a few squares and saved a file.


    Usually if something is wrong it shows up pretty quickly, like the screen video inversion for Jag under VW 2007 or a bit earlier which BTW fixed itself in Snow Leopard.


    The bad news is that apparently my old installer disk doesn't even install correctly even in Snow Leopard. I did my original install back at Leopard and then added 3 service packs to get to my current version I upgraded to Snow Leopard some where in that time frame, so I'm not sure where the installer broke (well if it actually is broken. May just be incredibly slow)


    So you ask how did I  install it on my laptop? Well I took a chance that absolutely everything needed was in the /Applications/Vectoworks 2008 folder.


    I used tar to make an archive of this from my main Imac. Moved it over to my laptop and untarred it in the /Applications folder on the hard disk with Lion installed. When I tried it the installation was complete. A regular finder copy BTW didn't seem to work. YMMV


    So I'm good to go on that front. I am just about resolved in spending the $200 for the Photoshop upgrade. Still need to make sure that there are no other programs that I need that will cost a lot to replace before I commit my main Imac to Lion.


    You ask why do I bother with Lion? Well even though jumping to Lion isn't all that compelling if the next release is really compelling that would be two major jumps and that can be really painful.


    Hope that helps. Key is that you must do your installs for VW before going to Lion and maybe earlier. I just got tired of waiting for Vise to search my disks on the laptop when I tried to install off of my Master disk. Maybe it would have eventually finished but I let it run half an hour and it was still searching under Snow Leopard.


    Good Luck!!


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    I'm running VW on 2008 and I also couldn't help myself and upgraded to Lion.  Lots of cool features, but with VW I'm having trouble printing "current view only".  The toggle button won't respond. 


    Any suggestions?



  • J-Zeus Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Bryan - and everyone else.


    My problem seems to be that the Vectorworks 2008 dongle is not recognised under Lion. The dongle driver installer says that it is there ( I had installed it when using Snow Leopard ). I can't uninstall it as the Uninstaller will not work in Lion.


    So how do you get the dongle working in Lion?


    Any ideas?


    Many thanks!

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    Well have you tried contacting the Vectorowkrs people at Nemetschek? I use a serial number not a dongle. I've also upgraded to 2012 some time ago. Ill guess the dongle probably uses Rosetta.


    Sorry I can't help.



  • J-Zeus Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for post back so quickly. I ( after a lot of torturous searching ) - managed to get it working.


    I'd all but given up, but found this help page:



    Which in turn led me to this page - which allowed me to download a driver ( HASP dongle driver )



    1) No red LED on dongle when it is plugged into machine

    Diagnosis: Driver is not installed correctly.

    Try installing the driver manually, later versions of Vectorworks include the driver in the Support folder of the installation disc. If this does not work ensure you have the latest Hasp Dongle Driver from the link below:


    That worked!


    How are you finding 2012? I'd heard bad things about 2011 so didn't upgrade.

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    Glad to hear you solved it!!


    2012 is very nice. Not as dramatic an upgrade as I did when going to 2008 from VW9, but I like the 3D handling of dimensions (a bit qwerky but works well once you get your working plane correct). The cool part is that all the dimensions show up in a 3D print out so you can use it as a quick dimension drawing w/o creating 3 different views.


    3D is just handled a lot better than in 2008. I do mostly 3D drawings when I'm desiging things I build in my wood shop. Oveall much more refined than 2008 but nothing earth shattering.


    One thing to be aware of is that they make a big deal about attaching all those little pallets to the main drawing so that they are all one connected work space. Somethign I could use in my 3 screen set-up. What they don't make a big deal about is that this only works under Windows. I was dissapointed about that missing feature.


    Lots and lots of little new features and I haven't had the time to try them all.


    All in all a good upgrade if you can afford it. It is getting a bit pricy but I guess it's still signifcantly less than Autocad.

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    My 2008 Vectorworks plugins won't show up on my new macbook pro.  the program seems to work fine all in all.

    the export dwg is grayed out.  it seems that all of the plug in are not recognized after my successful migration?


    i get the error

    make sure there is the "PlugIns folders" in the same plug in as the app folder--they are, i even copied over after a right click on the app icon


    any suggestions from anyone


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