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    Hi Franco Borgo


    Thanks for your answer, here's the thing, first of all I'm kind of a perfectionist, I like everything to be the way I like it, in iTunes there's no problem, all the artwork shows, the thing is in finder, the artwork won't show, I like to convert the songs to mp3 at 128kbps so all the songs are almost the same in size, I have done this for years, working perfect, until 10.4, so I reinstalled Lion and kept the 10.3.1 and not updated to 10.4, and everything work fine, until today, I updated to 10.4.1 and I made some tests, converted a song and the artwork it's not showing in finder.


    I copied the file to another computer that has iTunes 10.3.1 and in finder it shows the artwork, so it has to be something that iTunes 10.4 and finder not working well together, some people have said to wait a day until finder works something out (library or something like that), I'll wait a day or two, if not, i would try to downgrade to iTunes 10.3 if not, i'll just reinstall Lion once again.


    And thanks.


    Here's a pic

    Screen Shot 2011-08-22 at 8.44.32 PM.png

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    Don't worry. I am a perfectionist too :-) I lost so many hour in my iTunes library it would qualify me for beeing "problematic" from any psychiatrist :-)


    I love sound and even more sound quality. Converting a lossless song file to mp3 is ok, even at 128kbits. We have done some test on very high quality equipment and very few peoples could find which one were MP3 and which were AIFF. But converting a mp3 to another mp3 bitrate is not a good idea. I could draw you some picture to explain this but reconverting an already lossy file to another lossy file, you lose a lot of information and create some more not there initially.


    BUT let's go back to the real problem.


    If I understand correclty, the highlight file (without Artwork) in the finder is the song which iTunes show a cover Art. You move this file to another computer and artwork is there.


    The folder you show is named 2011. I guess you don't let iTunes Keep Media folder organized :-)

    but do you let iTunes copy file to media Folder ?


    I spend my day helping peoples on Mac so don't worry if some of my question seem basic. Just follow we might fiind why this is happeninng.



    Two questions and some tests


    Could you select the song in iTunes, right click on it and choose "Show in the finder"

    Is it the same file?


    if yes, select the newly found file and do a CMD-I or  right click on it and  choose Get Info

    Expland the Sharing and permission, in fact expand them all and send me a picture. You can blur your name in permissions if you want.


    From iTunes - select the song and drag ot to your desktop. CMD-i on it, does it have the Artwork ?

    if not -> compare the file size in get info with the original file info size (in get info).  Only then iTunes might be involved in the problem, but I really think this is a Finder issue.


    end of part 1 :-)

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    Hi Franco Borgo


    Thanks a lot for trying to help me, 2 thumbs up, the thing is, a few hours too late, I couldn't wait any longer, like I said before, if something was working the way I liked it and for some reason is not anymore, I really hate that, so, before I went to sleep last night, I reinstalled Lion, kept iTunes 10.3.1 and the artwork shows once again in finder, I have reinstall Lion like 3 or 4 times, all because iTunes 10.4, and now 10.4.1, and every time the same problem with the artwork in finder.


    I copied the file that didn't show the artwork yesterday in finder with iTunes 10.4.1 and the artwork showed up in finder (also iTunes, no problems there) with iTunes 10.3.1, and just to make a test, I converted the same file to mp3 again and left it the exact way iTunes organizes the library. 10.3.1 just works...


    Screen Shot 2011-08-23 at 8.23.18 AM.png


    I've been doing this for a long time, and never had any problems, until 10.4, so I'll just use 10.3.1 until another update comes and I'm 100% sure it works like 10.3.1


    Thanks a lot.

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    Hello, Franco Borgo


    Could you please check this out?

    Here's the picture

    Screen Shot 2011-08-24 at 12.38.56 PM.png


    The Left one is from my iTunes Media Folder, which the artwork is embedded.

    The right side is the copy of the left side, which I drag it from iTunes to my desktop.


    Please help me!!


    I'm using MBP 15" mid 2010, running OSX 10.7.1 and iTunes 10.4.1

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    Hello ChenYo Hsu



    I was able to reproduce the problem

    Two files, Same size, the second one without the artwork preview.

    I even copy the file directly, same result.


    Looking inside both file with TextEdit, I can see both file have the artwork.

    (With TextEdit, you can see the image type in the first few lines and from what I saw it is always before lyrics)

    I edit the Tag of the Iconless mp3 with MPFreaker, then import it in iTunes and the artwork it still there and show up.


    From this, I think it is clear that, iTunes is not in problem. Could be the Finder.



    Then I saw something very interesting.

    All my songs are on a network drive create a long time ago long before 10.7

    My original folder was open and I had a few windows of album open all in icon view showing the artwork.


    Then, one by one my icon preview started to disappear.

    My guess is Finder 10.7 start rebuilding some database of those open folders.


    I don't not know if we need to file a bug report or even how to do it

    but to me, this look like a 10.7 bugs an not iTunes.

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    Like I have said before, the problem is not in Finder, in a way, since iTunes is necessary for the system to run it might have something to do with the integration with finder, but the problem here, is the update 10.4 and 10.4.1, it's not Lion 10.7 or finder, people with iTunes 10.4.1 running snow leopard have the same problems, i'm running Lion 10.7 with iTunes 10.3.1 and all my artwork show perfect, if i connect a usb or external HD with mp3 files the artwork shows up.


    In the end yes, the problem shows in finder, but it has to do with running iTunes 10.4

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    yes... i'm still noticing the problem too, even after upgrading to 10.4.1 in iTunes. definitely an iTunes problem, NOT finder. SO frustrating.

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    I am having the same problem.  I have itunes put all music into a specific folder, and then I move it (and remove the track number) so it fits into my way of organizing.  As soon as I rename my file (by removing the track number) the artwork goes away.  I have looked up several places, and tried a lot of things, but nothing seals to fix it.  The artwork from other files (not moved or changed) is still there, so there is a problem with renaming music files.  I would also love some help on this.  I have a LOT of music, so going through one by one would be too time consuming.  I've checked everything obvious (I've looked at several different forums at this point and have done the obviousl fixes).  Any ideas woul be great

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    I agree to the opinion that the finder is not the origin of the problem, since I see the same or similar behaviour with OS 10.6.8. My observations are:


    1. I just imported an audio CD into iTunes 10.4.1 (mp3 format). The cover art was not in the graceland database, so I digged it out myself from the web and added it to all tracks by dragging it into Information->Cover. Checking then the files in the iTunes Music folder with the finder, they are all displayed with cover art icon.


    2. Manyually copying one of the mp3 files into another location of the computer results in the cover not being displayed by the finder.


    3. mp3 files in my iTunes Music folder which are there since ages are all correctly displayed in the finder.


    4. Now I have some mp3 files bought from Amazon (it's a free country after all, isn't it?). Their download comes with cover art. They are automatically put in some folder called Amazon MP3. I am quite positive that they were correctly displayed in the finder some time ago. They are not any longer.


    5. I import some of these mp3 files from Amazon into iTunes. In my understanding this means that iTunes just copies them into the iTunes Music folder. Inside iTunes, cover art is correctly shown. But in the finder (now in the iTunes Music folder), this is not the case.


    6. Item 5 does not change if I remove the cover art from the mp3 by iTunes and then add it again. Very contrary to the behaviour in item 1.


    7. The only difference I see is that the files from Amazon are coded with LAME and those imported from CD are coded by iTunes, of course.


    Very confusing and very annoying. I dare say that this is a buggy behaviour, but I cannot see what this could have to do with iTunes (see item 2, where iTunes is not involved at all), unless there is some very weird underlying connection, e.g. through some icon database. On the other hand, these problems definitely showed up with the upgrade to iTunes 10.4. Contrary to the statement of Apple's, the further upgrade to iTunes 10.4.1 did not solve the issue.


    I am somewhat relieved that still running Snow Leopard seems not to be the origin. I recently became rather reluctant towards software upgrades.


    Does sometimes someone from Apple reply to these forum posts?



    Best wishes,



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    I have the same problem and has not been resolved with the 10.7.2 update :(


    how to make a bug report?

  • Tony T1 Level 6 (9,005 points)

    how to make a bug report?


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    I hope you guys have been following this other thread, where we've kinda solved it (well, come up with a workaround anyway):



    It is still a bug and Apple should fix it!

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    I just downloaded iTunes 10.5.1, did some tests and it seems to work now, I added a .jpg to a song without artwork and it appear in Finder just fine, the only thing I noticed was that I couldn't drag the pic when in the little box "Now Playing", I had to go to "Get Info"/"Artwork to drag it to my desktop.


    Another thing is that when I added the pic it didn't show in the box, I had to play another song then go back to the one I fixed and it appeared, the same thing when you delete an artwork, it stil shows until you play another song go back to the previous and then it gets deleted.


    Oh, and also some other songs that I downloaded and never showed artwork in Finder, after 10.5.1 they showed the artwork in Finder just fine.


    So, after all that, is nice to see that the file in Finder shows the artwork, but, they fixed something and messed up something else, but I much rather have the problems of 10.5.1 that the previous bugs in 10.4, 10.5.



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    yesterday I did some tests with Beta 3

    Check it out CLICK

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    No need for Beta 3, Apple offically released iTunes 10.5.1 today (11.14.2011) it works.


    Edit: The link from Apple


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