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You have got to be freakin' kidding me.


So now there is no Page Up and Page Down in Safari? You have to have an Apple Trackpad and use gestures for page movements that we've been used to for--oh, I don't know, 25 years now--to work?


So far: In Safari, Page Up and Page Down don't do anything at all. Home and End do not do anything at all.


On my non-Apple (Logitech) scrolling trackball, the scroll is now reversed--what was scrolling down the page is now scrolling up, and vice-versa.


Seriously--is this by design? Is this someone's brilliant idea of how things should be? "Hey, you didn't need a floppy drive, and you got used to not having one. You don't need to Page Up and Page Down or scroll in the natural direction; you'll get used to these brilliant ideas."


Seriously--is there a setting, or a bug fix, I haven't found yet that will make these things work the way they should?