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Hi Robert,


Thanks for re-posting the thread you started in another topic.


I'm curious... do you have Developer Tools installed or do you have access to a property list editor.


Depending on what's causing Logic 8 not to run it might be interesting to try altering the OS system version, it's harmless and quickly can be changed back.


There's a system version file in root/System/Library/CoreServices


Looks like this when expanded.



Mine says 10.5.8 as that's whay I'm on.

Lion should say 10.7 or 10.7.0

Using the propery list editro change both values to the last version of Snow Leopard, 10.6.8

Save, close the plist editor and see if Logic boots. It probably won't as I suspect the incompatibility runs deeper. If it does boot you will know the application is most likely 100% Lion compatible.


(Excuse the fuzzy graphic, this is from the Mac running as a remote window on my PC)



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    'No go' I'm afraid... It didn't work.


    Worth a try nonetheless!



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    I installed Lion last night and started opening things today. I, too, couldn't open Logic 8 until I went to the Application directory; found the Logic app; right-clicked it; selected 'Show Package Contents'; navigated to Contents>MacOS; right-clicked 'Logic Pro' > Open With > Terminal (if Terminal is not visible, go to it through Other>Applications>Utilities>Terminal).

    Logic started nicely. We seem to have to leave the Terminal open while we are using it.