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In Snow Leopard Server, under Workgroup Manager, I used to be able to forward mail to that account to another email address.  I no longer see that option.  Did they remove this ability or am I missing something?



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    Lion Server (just like Leopard Server) uses postfix as its outgoing mail server. Unfortunately your not missing anything. Apple did remove the GUI way of forwarding email. You can still accomplish the same thing editing a couple of configuration files and running a few command in Terminal. Look here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-unix-bsd-postfix-forward-email-to-another-acc ount/

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    Thank you.

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    Ok, another question if I may.  The virtual hosting looks like its for virtual domains.  I want to forward mail for a few of my users for the domain that I host.  For example.  Lets say my domain name is domain.com.  I want user A B C D to be able to use webmail to get their mail (a@domain.com, b@domain.com, etc) but for user F G I want there mail to go to a completely other address outside of my domain.


    I tried to setup like the link showed about and I got a error saying I can't use the domain name in 'mydestination" and the virtual list at the same time.


    The forward email on the old Lepard server worked fine.  I wonder what it actually did when you checked the forward button?


    PS: On a side note, most of my users don't have a home directory since im just hosting mail, so the idea of a .forward file won't really work.



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    On the subject of mail, I have my mail set to send me an SMS if I receive any email from my boss. The only way I've found that it actually works is if my home iMac is on and mail is up, either minimized or full screen. If the iMac is off, it won't text my iPhone. Any trick ways around this?

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