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    Sorry, see my re-edited message on previous page.


    TRUE or YES should be in caps, don't forget the dash...


    any joy?

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    I have tried both (-bool TRUE and -bool YES) but none of them worked.


    I think that the only solution is to uncheck the option in the dialogue box everytime we reboot the computer.

  • softwater Level 5 Level 5 (5,370 points)

    OK, thanks for the feedback.


    Yes, un-checking the option in the shutdown dialogue box certainly does work. I still believe you must be able to change the default behaviour of this box so that it comes up un-checked. However, I haven't had any joy finding the right terminal command.


    Surely, there are some mac programmers on this forum that must know how to do this??

  • softwater Level 5 Level 5 (5,370 points)

    Just in, try these for turning of Safari and Preview resumes:


    defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false

    defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false

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    This one worked!!! Thanks

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    It didn't work for me.


    I copied "defaults write NSQuitAlwaysKeepsWindows -bool false" into Terminal and pressed enter.


    Without closing Safari I rebooted my computer. Safari still opens... I don't know what is wrong.

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    If you rebooted without unchecking this, it will restart with any open windows that you may have had.


    Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 11.53.21 AM.JPG

    Don't confuse the above with:


    Screen Shot 2011-07-29 at 11.56.24 AM.JPG

    or the Safari Terminal fix for the above.



    There are two different events here, quitting and re-opening Apps vs Logging back-in and re-starting the computer.

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    I'm having this problem as well.


    It seems that the issue is that the 'Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps' only works if you manually quit the app itself.  This option is not respected if you restart your computer and let the shutdown close your apps for you.


    If you shutdown with apps running, even if you de-select the reopen windows when you log back in (which will prevent the apps from auto-starting at login), each individual app will still remember it's last windows and, when launched. will do it's best to 'resume'.

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    So how do we solve this problem? Is there an app that allows me to fully disable Resume? Geez, why can this be so hard. Kinda disappointed Apple makes this all so complicated.

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    Thanks for this. As a new Mac user I tried it but didn't like it so I went back and did the NO code since it wouldn't open it in full screen each time. Now my question is, having used terminal have I done any permanent damage or changes that will affect Safari? I did the yes then the no code so does that mean it went back to normal like nothing happened and I won't be affected in any future updates or anything like that? It seems to be working fine but again I'm a new mac user and doing stuff like terminal is kinda out of my league so I'm a little nervous now.

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    I find the resume feature especially problematic when my MBP crashes/locks-up. I'm on deadline and Lion forces me to force a shutdown (holding down the power button). So I'm in a rush yet when the computer starts-up it wants to launch a bunch of applications that I had running before the crash. Why Apple WHY?


    Seems like there are a number of 'features' in Lion that are productivity killers. At least give us the option to set a default so it won't try to resume and re-launch all of these apps from a cold boot.

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    Thanks to another user, I've now learned how you can turn of Resume completely. This is not the same as stopping Safari from starting up by opening your previous tabs. For that, use the commands I gave you above.


    However, it will stop Safari, and anything else, from starting up when you reboot - what I love about this hack is it you don't even need to uncheck the box in the Login window!


    All you do is this:


    1. Close all windows and quit all apps.


    2. In Finder, hold down the Option key and click 'Go' in the menu bar at the top.


    3. Choose 'Library' (you have to have the Option key held down to see Library in the menu).


    4. Navigate to Library > Preferences > ByHost >[xxxxxxxxx].plist

    The [xxxxxxxx] represent some interminable string of numbers and letters. What you need to check is that its 'loginwindow' and '.plist' at the end (don't make the same mistake as I did and choose the Unix exectuable file).


    5. When you're sure you've identified the right file, select it and press Cmd-i to show the 'Get Info' window. Click the 'Locked' option.


    6. Now, test that it works. Close the 'Get info' window and the finder window. Open up Safari, Preview and a couple of windows. Do a restart and behold - a clean desktop!


    Huge thanks to Billearl who first posted this solution.

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    This worked for me thanks!!

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    I've been looking for this solution for a few weeks - Softwater got it right!  Thank you!


    There are lots of suggestions out there about unchecking boxes on logout and System Pref/General and using terminal to disable windows opening up on login in Lion. I'm sure they work in the typical case.  But for some reason - perhaps after lots of migrating from old macs to new macs over the years and eventually to Lion - my Safari and Terminal windows opened up on login no matter what I tried - deleting application and SaveState preference files, locking start files, modifying with Terminal. It all should have worked but it didn't.


    Softwater's suggestion just above regarding the preference file in the ByHost folder did the trick for me.  There it was - as simple as a loginwindow preference folder that listed the two apps causing me the problem! 


    Thanks again !

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    Removing the Resume feature for both the applications and the system FOREVER.


    This feature is irritating especially the System Resume feature which can not be switched of at all and causes a large amount of problems if the Mac has crashed and you don’t have access to the tick box on the shutdown / restart window.


    First of all you have to gain access to the User Library folder, which for no good dam reason has been hidden in Lion. Open a terminal window and do this.


    The following method makes the user library folder permanently visible.

    • Launch Terminal from Mac HD > Applications > Utilities.
    • From within Terminal type the following command and press Return: chflagsnohidden ~/Library
    • Enter system administrator password if prompted and press Return:


    Note: The System administrator password is not visible as you type it.


    Now open this folder rand find the folder “Saved Application State”.

    Open this folder and delete everything that’s in it then lock the folder so Lion cant right to it anymore.


    You have just stopped any application remembering its saved state. YAA


    Now find the file in the library folder that will have this path.

    Library/Preferences/ByHost/ C0C81.plist


    The numbers may be different but the ‘’ is the clue.


    Before you lock this file close all programs and only have the Finder running. Once you have done that lock this file.


    Congratulations you have just disabled Resume System wide and it will never make you wait for your computer to start up or open up your holiday snaps at the beginning of that important business presentation.


    Apple if you are listening THIS FEATURE IS SO BAD. It may be great for users who only have iTunes open but for serious designers it creates a waste of a great deal of time. We are the sort of user that has already backed up their stuff in three places anyway and just need the Mac to restart after Flash crashes the whole system, not have to wait for the 26 programs we also had running to RESUME their last saved state.




    Alan Payne BEd MSc ITHCI


    (Don’t patronize me Apple with your call centers and censoring of my posts I have more qualifications in this subject than the entire staff in the Aberdeen Apple Shop) OK!