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  • merely Level 1 Level 1

    You are right, Hacking is the right word.

    Most of these sqlite commands disregard even the basic SQL concepts (eg. foreign key) and leave the database in an invalid state.


    Luckily Launchpad verifies this and restores the original state if it gets broken. This explains your frustration:


    Matt Hardy wrote:

    What annoys me is that once I cleaned out my lauchpad (with reminal terminal sqlite3 commands) OS X Lion 'restored' my previous top-level apps without my express confirmation.

    Yes, Launchpad will get rid of any invalid sqlite hacks.


    If you value your time, and use your mac for work, then use LaunchpadCleaner 2, it will take care of keeping your database valid and it will give you features that Launchpad doesn't provide:

    • Backing up and Restoring saved layouts
    • Renaming apps
    • transferring layouts between your macs,
    • ...etc.


    If you prefer hacking and don't mind being annoyed that Launchpad keeps resetting itself at every reboot, then 'have fun hacking!

  • Matt Hardy Level 1 Level 1
    I f you prefer hacking and don't mind being annoyed that Launchpad keeps resetting itself at every reboot, then 'have fun hacking!'

    Agreed, it's ignoring an overview of the schema, but at least points out how basic a concept the launchpad is in reality, a stored list of apps on the app view. So how come it's not able to be controlled by the user?


    Yes the terminal hacking exposes the basic set up:

    But, sure, it's not 'the right way' but there lies the problem


    The link to the Prefernces Pane extension is the more considered approach - I recommend it over buying an app to manage and an app.


    However, I sent the guy a euro for the trouble, he'll be rich after everyone finds out it's a fairly good solution and does the same, I am surprised this pane is not already in OS X Lion...

    The link again:

  • merely Level 1 Level 1

    News Update:

    The official LaunchpadCleaner site is live!


  • Harpo Marx Level 1 Level 1

    How would I know to trust chaosspace's 'Launchpad-Control'? Wouldn't it be easy to distribute malware like that?


    Thank you.

  • Matt Hardy Level 1 Level 1

    Judging by some people's responses, Lion is just that...



    I'd say you can not ultimately be sure, but considering there is quite a public figure in - you could well be more secure than: where I can not find a single persons contact details at all...


    It's your choice... I sorted out my problems for free, but chose to donate to helping the guy out a little, one good turn deservse another.


    And maybe I will post a comment on his site on how awesome his software has been so far, and wish him luck in his career...

  • Harpo Marx Level 1 Level 1

    Matt, thank's!

  • d.sprinter Level 1 Level 1



    Yes, I would like to remove the unwanted icons from Launchpad, but I most happiest knowing how I could get the Library back. Thanks ever so much!! (You should place this under its own heading. You could get mad points, if that's what you are into!) Thanks for the Terminal code.

  • antoniofromalcochete Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Matt, it works

  • antlondon Level 1 Level 1

    There is another app that does this (and much more) for you:


    You can remove applications and groups in the free version as well but if you need more functionality the full version is not too costly either.

  • freddiemac83 Level 1 Level 1

    Apparently you have to empty the Trash before the app is removed from LaunchPad.

  • SimpleSolutions Level 1 Level 1

    This youtube video shows the simplest and cleanest way to remove individual apps that you did not download from the Mac App Store.

  • lccchad Level 1 Level 1

    Hey all, don't know if this will apply to all of you, but I too had a file/App/thing in launchpad that I didn't want there - Adobe Flash Install Manager.  Once Flash was installed... why in the heck did I need it in launchpad?!!!  Of course, like all of you, it refused to be deleted from launchpad!!!


    So, I just typed it's name into Spotlight, clicked 'Show All in Finder,' found it, dragged it to the trash, emptied the trash - and Poof! gone from launchpad.


    Hope this helps some of you   I'm really digging Lion.  Been using Mac since the OS 9 to X crossover.  Every new release takes a little getting used to, but once you do and you figure out what Apple has done with your favorite things or how they've reworked them, I've found their changes to be very intuitive and enjoyable.  Hang in there all!

  • Gockie Level 1 Level 1

    You should just delete the file within Library/application support/dock

    and then log out and log in again. Now it is clean.


    I have tried. it works fine.

  • Reuben Feffer Level 2 Level 2

    I have two identical entries for "Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS5.1" on my Launchpad. If I click on them, they both launch the same app, "Adobe Application Manager".


    So my question is, how can I remove one of these "Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS5.1" apps from my Launchpad?

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    The launchpad really hasn't worked right without many workarounds or third-party app help.  I tried workaround after workaround and finally just gave up on it.


    I have a hope though that the next OS version, which is rhumored to totally change the OSX to be very much like the mobile OS of the IPad and IPhone.  This will hopefully solve all these Launchpad problems.


    As an alternative though, I just use stacks anchored to my doc with shortcuts to my common applications.  It works, and I have complete control over what goes into my menus.  When you delete an app it's removed from my menus... AND I can choose weather to actually delete the app from my system.