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Two things I need assistance on please.  First item: I just upgraded to Lion and am having problems with one of my pop mail accounts downloading to Apple Mail.  I have double checked all of the server settings and they are correct.  I even tried to download in Outlook for Mac with the same settings and it worked fine.  Is there something different in Lion that requires some different settings to download mail from an SSL service?


Second item:  In a stroke of stupidity I decided to delete the mail account and re enter it just to see if that would fix the problem.  It didn't fix the problem but it did delete all of my stored messages.  Any ideas for how I can recover them back into mail?  (Fortunately this is a secondary computer that I did this on and my primary mail storage in on my office computer otherwise I'd be hyperventilating about now.) 


Any resolutions, ideas or suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks.

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    You're not the only one. Everyone using POP mail accounts are dead.

    Please send a trouble email to Apple.

    Imagine having a 3 mil business and can't get your email on your standard account that you've used for the last 10 years.

    There must be 10's of thousands of angry Apple customers.

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    The odd thing about it is that it isn't affecting all of my email accounts.  I have three different pop email accounts that go to three different & distinct domains.  Two of them are email domains hosted on network solutions and both of them work fine.  The third is an email account that we use through webex's shared server service.  It uses SSL.  It is the only one that I can't get to work.

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    No - Not everyone with a POP account is having trouble, just a "relative" few. I know dozens that are not having the issue with their Road Runner POP Mail.


    Please be careful how you state things.





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    just a "relative" few?. I am from Argentina, Apple's customer from the Classic II and can say without doubt that your "relative" amount can reach the 4 millions of users here in the province of Buenos Aires



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    I have the same problem with my two POP accounts here in Australia (in both Melbourne and Sydney). The .me and gmail accounts work fine with Mail 10.7. My fix while I wait for Apple to update the app is to use Thunderbird.

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    Same problem. I work on a college campus - neither Mac Mail or Outlook '11 will work with campus mail. They provide Exchange, IMAP, & POP, and none will work. It's driving the IP guys crazy. Works fine on Comcast POP, though.

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    Just checking to see if anyone has found a fix for Mail in OS Lion to work with certain SSL Pop accounts.  So far I still have not gotten mine to work.

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    I don't know if this adds anything useful to Apple's Vista disastercalled Lion. I have now spent a couple of weeks of precious time andafter losing so many of the apps I need every day and downloading themand relicensing them I found that nothing, absolutely nothing, from anyfixit type web site or from Apple would fix Mail.


    Now this is the cruncher - I just opened up my copyof PostBox and asked it, for a lark, to open the mailboxes and messagesin Lion Mail and it did the whole job perfectly in a matter of minutes.


    So Apple - look at what PostBox is doing and just usetheir approach - and for God's sake kill the **** permissions you haveused in this Iron Lion security update - it really really stinks. Areyou guys at Apple prepared to pay for my time and loss of income tryingto rework this disaster.


    Lion is not ready for release even though it is at 10.7.2.


    Please,please, offer a backgrade download process that will let us go back tothe humming and nearly perfect Snow Leopard on our pre-2011 macs - andREFUND the cost of this crap premature OS.


    You do realise that intimidation of this nature - not letting a user backgrade is a formn of bullying.