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Just downloaded Lion today. I love most of it, but a few things are a bit aggrivating. Mostly just getting used to the new gestures and controls, but I just realized I can't fine tune the volume on the keyboard by using the shortcut I used to.

By pressing Option+Shift+(volume up/down button) I was able to adjust the volume more acutely than just pressing the volume control buttons. I know I can drag the volume thing up on the menu bar, but I'm wondering if there's a new shortcut to do this or if the feature is just gone altogether... Hopefully this is making sense. Please help if you can. it would be a great convenience.

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  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)

    The option is gone with Lion, sorry.



  • azoolkool Level 1 (10 points)

    Dang... That's too bad. :c/ Oh well. Thanks for your help!

  • dembow Level 1 (90 points)

    Really Apple? I mean really?! I would so like to know the reason for doing this. What could possibly be in their way that they decide to remove fine volume tuning in Lion? This is completely beyond my comprehension and way further from sanity.


    I can only hope that this is a bug. They must return this option and it should be in the next update. It's amazing how little things like this can make your blood pressure rise instantly.

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    I just tried this in 10.8 on my Macbook Pro (retina) and the fine volume control has been restored!


    However, I am not able to do fine control when I am using an external keyboard (specifically a Microsoft Ergnomic Keyboard 4000. My wrists really need it )

  • azoolkool Level 1 (10 points)

    Oh whoa! Mine's working now too! They must've snuck it back in a small update cuz I'm still on Lion. Wooh! But about your separate keyboard, are there dedicated volume buttons on its. Because you'd think it'd work the same with the same controls.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me know the fine volume control is back! :)