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    I thought you said that you could add the printer via USB but not print to it. It sounds that's not the case, but if the printer works via USB in a Windows machine using the same cable, then it's not likely that's the issue. It could be the USB port on your Mac though, did you try a different port?

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    doubleodd wrote:


    I've been on the phone with a high level HP tech person who said that Apple released Lion without giving the printer manufacturers a chance to see the code and develop compatible drivers.


    This is the usual lame Apple arrogance on display. Whatever their petty insider reasons for withholding cooperation with the printer makers, the ones who suffer the most are the Apple users.


    I'm afraid you were given bad information. All Apple developers were given a Lion preview in February.



    Developers were given updates in March, May, June.



    In July developers were given GM candidates prior to Lion being released:

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    Thanks Rbii. I'm sure that Apple has a process for updating developers. However, it's pretty clear that something didn't go properly when these printing issues are hitting many different kinds of printers. Everybody on this thread was printing fine using Snow Leopard, and  the problems started immediately after Lion was installed, and the problems seem to defy the usual solutions as reinstalling software, deleting and re-adding printers and recycling all hardware. 


    If you work for Apple, then 1) congratulations on your stock price, and 2) you have to admit that Apple has a mixed reputation when it comes to giving developers all the info they need/want. You would think that if Apple was releasing a new OS, that they would have worked closely with key peripheral manufacturers to make sure that Apple users weren't left in the lurch as so many obviously are in this situation. But that obviously didn't happen.


    Do a Google search on OS Lion printing problem and you get a lot of hits.

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    Just from my personal experience...


    I have an old wireless HP PSC 2510 (AIO) from about 2004. Since 10.5 I've relied on the built-in print drivers included with OS X. This has provided trouble-free comptibility with updates and upgrades. And since 10.6 the Apple drivers have even provided network scanning through Apple's scanner sharing service.


    I would suggest, if not already attempted, completely uninstall any manufacturer drivers & software for the printer and let Lion find and install it's own drivers to see if you still have trouble using the printer over the network.

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    I found this post on an HP site.... Looks like the printing issue will require updated firmware and drivers from printer manufacturers. You'd think Apple would have seen this coming...


    "WIth OS X Lion, Apple has upgraded its internal file protocol (AFP) to version 3.3.  In order for outside devices to interact with this protocol and successfully read/write with OS X, the devices must support communicating through Netatalk 2.2.  Given that 2.2 was released after what I can tell as being the most recent firmware update for the HP 8500, in all likelihood it does not support it.


    This problem is not unique to HP, as other vendors, primarily drive manufacturers such as WD and others, are also facing this issue.


    The only solution is for the manufacturer to upgrade its firmware.  So, it's entirely up to HP.


    For what its worth, HP still actively markets and sells this device through the Apple store so one would hope that HP would see the value of providing a firmware update as the devices are DOA today with respects to saving directly to an Apple computer using the Save to Network Folder option."

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    Marzer had the right idea. Problem solved.


    After spending an hour on the phone with HP where they simply blamed Apple, I talked to Apple. A supervisor told me to simply use the drivers that come with 10.7, not an HP driver from a disk or downloaded from the HP site.


    I had uninstalled the 10.6 HP drivers and cleared all printers from Print and Fax preferences. So when I went to add the printer in Print and Fax Preferences, the system defaulted to the HP printer driver for my printer that came with OS 10.7.


    Both the printer and the scanner are working perfectly.


    The Apple supervisor said they recommend NOT using the HP downloadable drivers, but rather use the drivers that HP gives them to imbed in the OS. These drivers will be updated as necessary through Software Update.

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    I'm very glad your issues have been solved. Perhaps next time you will be a little more skeptical of somebody at some company you are talking to over the phone (who you don't even know) trying to blame somebody else for not knowing how to solve a problem.

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    Well the issue not resolved as it turns out.  As before, it printed a few sheets and then the next file the printer just showed up as "offline". I had to recycle printer and then it printed one file.  Then when I tried to print another it said it was "offline" again.  So the problem that started after installing 10.7 is still there, just now we know it also does it even when you don't have the HP download driver and are using the 10.7 imbedded HP driver.


    As for your comment "Perhaps next time you will be a little more skeptical of somebody at some company you are talking to over the phone (who you don't even know) trying to blame somebody else for not knowing how to solve a problem."...


    Doesn't that apply to Apple as well as HP? I think you should always be skeptical. I've got the runaround from both of them in the past.


    You seem to be take it very personally when Apple is accused. I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt. It's not clear at all in this case which company is not doing its job. All I know is my printer quit working properly when I installed 10.7. I couldn't care less whose fault it is.  Just want it fixed.

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    I understand you want this fixed, but throwing a tantrum and spreading misinformation won't get you anywhere.


    First of all we have to figure out if you can even print reliably to your printer from 10.7 via USB. Have you found whether you can do that, or not?


    Also, how did you uninstall the 10.6 drivers? Be aware that 10.7 doesn't come with drivers as far as I know. So if when you re-added the printer you weren't prompted to install software, chances are you are still using the drivers you were using earlier. Can you let us know what driver version you are using?

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    The driver that I'm using is called Officejet 6500 E710n-z which the Apple tech guy said was the right driver, the one that comes in the OS library with 10.7.  For sure I uninstalled all the 10.6 HP downloaded drivers (print, scan, multifunction).  Going to buy a USB cable tomorrow and see how that goes.


    Just for the record, saying that Apple can be arrogant is not throwing a tantrum. We don't know which company, Apple or HP, is inaccurate in its representation that the other company is at fault. Could be either. But yes you are right, I was hasty to place the blame squarely on Apple based on what HP said.

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    OK. For all those with HP printers who installed 10.7 and are now having problems connecting after the printer goes to sleep...


    One long standing issue with connecting HP printers wirelessly to OS X is they can have a tendency to not reconnect wirelessly after they go to sleep. There is a thread on this from 2008/2009 on the HP forum...



    I'm not a wireless expert, but I just talked to one at Apple and she helped me assign a static IP address to the printer, which seems to have fixed the problem. If you go into the printer's set-up menu, choose "network", and set the IP configuration to "Manual", and then set the IP address to Leave the subnet mask as is. Set the connection speed to "automatic". It's really easy.


    This might fix your problem.


    Thanks once again to the pathetic blame-the-other-guy combo of HP and Apple. That's about 8 hours of my life I'll never get back. You'd think that instead of denying that they have anything to do with the problem, they would already know what I had to find out about THEIR products by spending hours digging through the internet.

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    Thank you! You solved my problem too.

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    Anyone care to take a crack at this one? I have a MacBook Pro running Parallels Desktop, with two printers connected to a Time Capsule. There is an Epson connected to the USB port and a LaserJet 2100 connected by Ethernet through an internal JetDirect card. Both OSs were able to print to both printers for years with SL, but I seem to have lost one connection after the Lion upgrade. The Guest OS (XP) can print to both printers, but Lion cannot print to the LaserJet. It prints to the Epson fine. Lion thinks the LJ is unavailable. I've done the usual reboots of everything but have resisted messing with HP drivers because it's vital that XP can print to both printers. Lion cannot print to the LJ even is Parallels isn't running so I don't beieve it's related to that. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    perhaps this helps. I am not sure what it all means. I just came across it. I am not even sure if I should install this.

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    Same problem here, using a Brother MFC465CN, which worked flawlessly with Snow Leopard. I also have issues with my Windows computers not being able to connect, and with my Briteview Cinematube device.


    The common thread seems to be changes in SMB support on Apple's end. I find it strange that so many manufacturers suddenly don't have networking support for Lion, considering it had a long beta. Did something get changed prior to release? Why were so maby companies caught with their pants down?