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When using the new iMac as a monitor w another thunderbolt enabled Mac, do you also get to use the iMac 'as a port hub / docking station like you will with the new Thunderbolt Displays? My guess is no but that would be very cool functionality. For example, could you connect a new MBA to a FireWire drive via the port on the iMac if the MBA/iMac were connected by thunderbolt?

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    Hi guys,


    I'm very interested if anybody has some real-life feedback on it.

    I'm planning to buy a new MBA + a 27" iMac. My main concern is to be able to use the iMac as an external display but I would also like the iMac to share it's connectivity and I can't figure out if it's possible or not...


    Thanks for your answers.

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    Only sound seems to be 'tranferable' too according to this http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=Thunderbolt/10.6/en/30822.html



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    Forgot to mention:


    Since ThunderBolt is based on DisplayPort for video- and audio-connections it can only transmit video- and audio-signals to/from a display.



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    I don't think that's correct as the new Thunderbolt displays share their FireWire and USB ports via the Thunderbolt port.

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    True for FW, USB but for Audio-/Video it is based on and mostly the same as (Mini)-DisplayPort.


    And Audio and Video is the only ones transmitted when using the iMac as external display.

    It's not a "docking station".



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    If you connect IMAC to another IMAC just only can use target display mode, target USB is not work(can't become like hub).


    If you connect IMAC to Thunderbolt display you can use the monitor every thing, USB FIREWIRE CAMERA EATHERNET...), becouse it link via thunderbolt.


    When you connect IMAC to IMAC although using thunderbolt, the target IMAC is still internal running system, it just share the display for other imac use.