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Since upgrading to Lion, my (new) Mail seems to be missing the QuickLook function for viewing attachments. Is it really missing, is there a pref setting to enable it which I couldn't find, or did something go wrong with my installation? If it's missing, I'll send a feature request to Apple.

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    Do you mean the buttons that said quicklook and save? There are hidden by default, but can be seen if you click on the blue word 'details' on the top right of the message. Once selected, this view remains for all other messages.


    You should still be able to quicklook attachments from the message by selecting them and pressing the spacebar. If this doesn't work for you, then maybe there is another problem. The quicklook window is now a pale colour by the way.


    Good luck!

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    Thanks, Ash. I hadn't noticed the box under "details" before, and I get the impression that selecting/pressing "space" was always possible, but I didn't know about until now. Both of your suggestions work!