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Dear Mac expert,

im new to the mac family. i just upgraded my MBA to LION few days ago.

here are some problems which happen in google chrome and i would like to remove everything including user profile (history, bookmark, password, autofill ant etc) completely out from my mac and reinstall it again later.


1) at the new Tab page, everytime i restart my mac, the thumbnail will shown as (N/A). even though i never clear cookies or cache.


2) some pages like discussions.apple.com or some other pages, i can get my username and password save. i have to type my loooong long password and email address everytime i want to access. but some pages work fine, like facebook and youtube and google. the password automatically filled if i press the tab button. i wonder is this have something to do with the website security or it's my chrome fault.


i tried to uninstall chrome by dragging it into trash and copy a new one from dmg. but unfortunately the problems are not solve.


so i try to google how to remove it from mac completely, i found it's actually can be done by doing the following step
"user>library>application support>google>chrome .. just delete the chrome folder"

but the problem is, i cant find a Google folder under user/library/application support. i saw something else but i cant find google folder.


even with spotlight search, i only found Google chrome applications but not the user profile folder.

is it only me that do not have google folder under application support or Lion hide it somewhere?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7), Late 2010 model