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    Sure, copying the entire iTunes folder as suggested in the support article works, but it is not very efficient. The advantage of using SyncToy as recommended earlier in this thread is that after taking an initial backup copy, subsequent runs only have to copy new or updated files.



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    A really simple fix.  BRING BACK Back Up to Disc.

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    So how exactly does that help right now?

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    Thanks for this link.  I've had a look and it makes sense the only problem is that is copies everything.  Is there anyway I can copy ONLY itune purchases everything else I have the CD's for and I think that it is a better back up than the icloud.


    Argh - it's frustrating cos i'm already up to back up Disc 29 when I updated to 10.4 and so now I have no idea what has been backed up.  Is it beneficial reverting back to an older version???


    Sadly the only apple items i use is the ipod and itunes and if i can't sort this it's back to creative mp3 and other media sites, I don't like being told what i can and can not do :-(

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    What is to stop you backing up your iTunes purchases, and indeed the entire library, the same way you back up all your other important data? Your documents, photos, contacts, email history, etc... You do back these up now don't you?


    As I've said elsewhere instead of complaining about the removal of a little used feature think of it as a wake-up call to start taking backup seriously. iTunes is going to give you access to your store purchase history even if you have no use for the paid iCloud service... if you are in the US you've got it already and elsewhere it can only be a matter of time.



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    I wrote Apple a letter to explain my frustration with the iTunes data disc back-up feature being removed... anyone who has tried to do a basic back-up now knows what I'm writing about... it's now a nightmare situation for those of us who are not computer savvy, nor interested in experimenting with consolidating files ( good luck if you don't have enough room left on your computer to consolidate )  I have no iTunes purchased music so am not interested in giving Apple more money to back-up my music. This basic feature needs to be returned... please write Apple too at

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    You're flogging a dead horse, and resurrecting a three-month old thread to boot.


    Please read my post just above yours. It is unlikely that only data on your computer you care about losing is your non-iTunes purchased media that you ripped from your personal CDs (which you could rip again). If you have a backup strategy for the other stuff, extend it to include your iTunes library. If you don't then see this User Tip.



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