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Installed Lion on my iMac and my MacBook without any problem.


On the iMac I can see in iCal all appointments, reminders etc. without any problem. It even syncs nicely to my iPhine and iPad.

Appointments entered on any of the other devices are appearing without any problem on the iMac, iPhone and or iPad.


The problem is the MacBook. Opening iCal shows nothing. I have Fantastical installed on the Macbook and there I can see all

the appointments etc. even new ones entered for example on my iPhone.


It looks as if the calendar data is available but can't for God knows reason not be displayed in iCal.


Anybody an idea ?


Somewhre a lock on a file ?


Any idea is more then welcome.



PS: I am using MobileMe ( CalDev )

iMac Intel, Mac OS X (10.7)