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I really hope Apple has made up their mind about the default set of gestures, because retraining muscle memory (as I'm doing now) is a PITA.


The new gestures work for most things (OK most of Apple's things), but some like iPhoto aren't working too hot.

Paging between pictures is "broken", the new 2 finger gesture doesn't work.[1] Now if you change it back to 3 finger to swipe between pages, it works fine. OK this is excusable you say, because iPhoto has been updated yet. (It hasn't right?)


But what about Finder? 3 finger swipes work fine to move back and forth between folders. 2 finger gestures on the other hand ...

I mean come on it shipped with the OS.


So which is it? Which is the right gesture set that Apple will be using from this point forward?


[1] Works great in Preview though.