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Ive recently purchased Logic Studio. So Im only getting to know the software realy.

Recently Ive noticed that now there is a time delay when Im playing audio. when I hit

the keys on my midi keyboard the sound doesnt happen instantly, its like half a second

out. Its strange. I must have selected it somehow but I just dont know what it is!


Can anyone shed any light on this for me please??


Its impossible to play anything because of the time delay, very off putting


Thanks guys!

Apple Mini Mac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Whagi Level 1 (40 points)

    Have you changed the buffer size, or latency settings anywhere?

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    No I was thinking that. The buffer is at 512. Ive tried messing around with it and it makes no difference


    Im not to sure where the latency settings are to be honest???? Thanks for your help anyway

  • androidmedia Level 1 (25 points)

    In both MS and Logic, the Buffer settings are under Preferences.


    Try to keep it as low as possible....32 is the lowest. 64 is what I use for live monitoring/performance.

    Depending on your instrument, you will notice very slight latency at 64, but it is a compromise.

    If you have a MOTU soundcard, you can monitor through the CueMix, and bypass the DAW all together.

    Some soundcards allow you to do this, if it is possible, it really is the best approach, as you will have ZERO latency.

    Also what comes into play is the speed of your computer.

    With a G4 processor, I was never able to get the buffers lower than 128, which was still liveable for guitar, and unacceptible for piano.


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    Thanks for the advice on that makes a lot of sence! I really think I need to upgrade my sound card. Was speaking to one of the guys in tech support after I ran into problems when installing logic studio. He said Id been giving old stock when I bought my Mac.


    I bought it in 2009 but was giving a bloody 2007 model which has a very small sound card!


    Can you make any recommendations on what sound cards are best???


    Thanks again!

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    WHen you say he sold me a Mac "which has a very small soundcard"

    it leads me to believe that you are confusing terms.


    Every mac has sound "Built In".


    Although you can do great things with the onboard sound, you have far more flexibility and power with an external unit. This will cost some coin, but if you are serious about making music, this is the only choice if you want to use a computer.


    I would recommend MOTU soundcards because I have owned many of them in the last decade.

    Pf course M-Audio makes decent stuff, and so does Apogee. Depends on how much you want to spend.

    UNfortunately by using the Mac's Built In soundcard option, you are not going to be able to get around the latency problem, it's just the nature of the beast.

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    Sorry I meant in being sold old stock form Apple I got a 2007 model when I actually purchased in 2009.

    The guy in tech support the "in built" sound card is quite small on 2007 models.


    I am really serious about making music. I write mostly pop chart with the intention of sending out to labels for their acts. So there is a lot of editing, layering with this type of music. I run into problems early on a project. Vocals are a nightmare with latency.


    Im naive technically.  So this makes great sence to me man really appreciate your advice on this mate.


    I use an M Audio inter face actually. I might go try their site for external sound cards, Im sure thats not how their named!


    Any other adive on them greatly appreciated!


    Thanks again