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This information has always shown up at the bottom of Finder windows with previous OS X versions.  I'm not finding it with Lion -- sort of a pain if you are into managing your HDD space (e.g., as with an MB Air).


Is there a way to make this appear with Lion?



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  • w7ox Level 4 (2,385 points)

    My bad: Just found this in another thread: "In Finder, go to View>Show Status Bar".


    One more gremlin gone



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    If you go under the view settings in finder it is there, it is on hide by default.

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    I was looking for this too. I also wanted to see the Macintosh HD in the Finder menu.


    You can do this by going to Disk Utility, right clicking on the drive and selecting 'Reveal in Finder'. Once there you can drag over to the 'Favourites' section on the quicklinks bar on the left.


    Don't know if that's of any use but I like to access things from there sometimes.



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    Where, how did you find the (invisible) library folder? Can it be altered?