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Setup Lion server. added 2 accounts, setup mail.  Works fine, mail is flowing in well.  When I use webmail to read my mail, it wont let me delete any messages. It comes back with can't move message.   Tried this on several accounts.  Any ideas?



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    I had the same problem and here is how I fixed it:


    1. In webmail, click settings in upper right.
    2. Now click the folders tab and create folders for Trash, Drafts, Sent, Junk
    3. Now on the left menu select special folders and assign each special folder the appropirate folder that you have just created.


    Everything should work now.

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    Yep that worked.  Thank you.   Boy, im glad this is just a hobbie server for me and my wife.  I would hate to have to do that for 100 accounts or so if you were hosting other folks email.