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Hi.  When you press the Launchpad icon, you get a screen that shows all your applications in an iPad/iPhone like style.  Is there a way to make this the default screen when you first boot up your Mac?  Rather than pressing the Launchpad icon to get this screen, I'd like it to be my default screen.  Thx

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    I am having the same problem

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    Try adding the LaunchPad app as a Login Item in your user account settings in System preferences.


    If you have Resume on, that might not work. Just my guess at what to try.

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    Isn't there any method or tool which allows us to set Launchpad is default desktop screen like, in replacement of the desktop shortcuts? And the iOS homescreen of course . Hope so....


    A little offtopic or, not you decide...  if not, it will be the first tool which i like to develop, for Mac OSX, i'm an Apple Developer and  I've already created some stuff for IOS like app's or web-based apps. So i'm a little familiar with the stuff. But, if there is someone who like to help me creating some sort of tool which allows us to do the thing described above, it would be a pleasure! But, your help and the tool should be free, because i would like to keep it opensource, which allows others to make it even better! Of course you wil bee mentioned and receive a lot of free love and happiness from people who wil love it, im pretty sure that you as colleague developer  will love it to! If you are interested please, send me a PM.


    Thanks A lot, every future response...


    Ps.. this is really offtopic: I know that apple don't respond to this form, but i know that they will read this;
    So i would like to suggest the above idea as a changeable desktop option. why this tip, because i know a lot of Mac users from different age's, knowledge, and thousands of other reasons to use a mac, but we all have one thing in comment and that is, the fact that since Launchpad was released, we don't  even use the desktop anymore. Why not are you asking? Well ask yourself the following, isn't a bit in relevant to show apps on the desktop if there is Launchpad?... well for some users might not, but i'm pretty sure that many desktops look like mine, just empty... which also speedup Mac OSX, because there is nothing to show, organize or other unnecessarily things to load and show the desktop.