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Has anyone found or compiled a list of applications that support versions in Lion? It'd be helpful to know before purchasing new software and having to wait for replies from each software developer. I've seen the roaring apps list, but it doesn't get detailed enough.

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  • Radamradam Level 1 (0 points)

    Is that a joke, or are you saying that only Apple applications are able to implement the versions feature?

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,786 points)

    No joke. Applications have to be specially coded to support versions. At this time, I think only Apple's own applications do that. Only Preview and TextEdit will do it for me because I don't have a recent version of iWork. The latest iWork might support versions. If it doesn't already, I'm sure it will in the future.


    It remains to be seen how many 3rd party software developers will support versions. I'm hoping they will support versions, but not the new duplicate/save paradigm.

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    After the update a few days ago, iWork09 does support versions.

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    Yet another part of Lion that does not work across all software or applications then!!

    I do get the feeling that Apple have not been very honest with us about all the new features in Lion during their conference a few months ago..

    Very keen to inform us about what Lion CAN DO... but not what it wont do or cant do. Seems like to get the full benifits of Lion you needed to have brought a new Mac of some description....

    I remain very disappointed with the way the whole thing has been marketed - This from a devote Apple user!!..

    Looking at some of the other comments concerning the latest Lion release on these forums I seem not to be alone in my thoughts either. Come on Apple... Play the game and do something about it PLEASE!!!

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    What are you talking about?  This has nothing to do with Apple. It's down to the software devs to implement Versions.  Apple provide the tools, but cannot rewrite others' software!

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    My point is that this was not made clear.. no written documentation was produced as far as I can see or "read this first before installation" documents... neither was certain aspects / functions of Lion not working in slightly older equipment - when I say old I mean two and half years old!!... That's my point

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    no written documentation was produced

    Well that's a good point. There is very little info in any of the help files about the new features introduced in Lion. That's something I wrote in my feedback to Apple. But from experience, especially in this decade, good help info is hard to find without paying a 3rd party for it - and that will come soon.

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    Thanks for agreeing with me.... Lots of positive PR at the launch of Lion and all the guys from Apple telling us all about the magical things it was capable of doing... BUT... one thing they failed to say was that to benefit from Lion you do need to have purchased a new or fairly new Mac....OR this or some of this wont work or that aspect wont work.... When they spoke about Versions... they didn't say that it will only be supported by Apples software....despite what igmackenzie said above... to the untrained or uninitiated I would have thought that meant all software... I was fooled to be honest and I work in the digital / IT industry. And by all accounts I am not the only one to have been fooled by that.

    Dont get me wrong.. I am a hardened Apple follower...Three MacBooks / Pros iPhone / iPod Touch and an iMac... I am just a little bit miffed that they didnt quiet come clean about these factors at the launch or produce any Pre-launch documentation prior to the download from the App Store.

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    Well, I would not jump to the conclusion it is a conspiracy to rob us of $30. It's more likely sloppy rollout planning and implementation. There used to be a time when documentation was checked against function before release, but I think those days are long over. The world is now one big beta test. Realizing this will reduce blood pressure and invoke caution whenever installing a .0 release of anything.

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    This is all that Apple Provided just prior to the launch - Not all that helpfull - No mention of what it will run once installed or the lack of functions as you can see in STEP1.... Just making a point

    Screen Shot 2011-07-31 at 03.50.25.png

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    That is very true and well though out....

    Going to miss Snow Leopard to be honest....

    Lets hope we all stop moaning after some updates and bug fixes.... Then we can all stop moaning and start singing the praises of Apple once again ehh?

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    I'm a developer for an app sold on the Mac App store, so I can assure you that supporting Versions is not that big of a deal. The biggest problem for me was making my app play nice inside the Browse Versions interface.


    The real issue is testing the app under Lion AND back on Snow Leopard to make sure you dont break something on Snow Leopard. There is also an app upgrade review and approval cycle done by Apple for products sold on the App Store. My gut feel is that the review staff is being flooded right now with application updates for Lion by virtually all of the products on the App store.


    I do remember that Snow Leopard broke things too when it went live. (But then Apple has done at least 8 updates to Snow Leopard after it was released.)


    By the way, the old way of saving works just fine for apps that dont yet support Versions.


    Versions does take a bit to get used to. It is a paradigm shift from the way apps are saved over the last several



    Apps that require custome hardware and custom device drivers will most likely be the last to convert to Lion. Years ago I was a ProTools user and they took over 6 months after Tiger was released to release a compatible upgrade (and they charged a lot of money for it too).


    The vast majority of apps dont fall into that category. They just have to do a ton of testing, which takes time.

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    thx, nice to hear from an app developer!

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