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I am a teacher and want to use my iPad in my class. I will need to download Flash player to view both. What can I use instead?

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    You can't download flash as it is not supported, and probably never will be : http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/ .


    And you want to view both of what ?


    There are no ideal solutions, but depending on what you want to access/view, you might find that some websites (probably more so if they are news sites) have their own apps in the App Store which might let you get some of the content that you want (and there is the built-in YouTube app). Also there are browsers such as Skyfire which 'work' on some sites - but judging by the reviews not all sites. For flash games then you are probably out of luck if you want to play on-line though the iSwifter app might work on some of them, but again some flash games have app versions in the store.

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    Sorry I meant to say that I could not view the online teacher textbook for science (National Geo) which includes videos.  In order for me to use my iPad in the classroom I wanted to used my iPad connected to the doc cam.  I guess I will have to use the desktop. I wanted to have freedom to move by using the iPad.  Is there other app or software that will allow me to use the online textbook?  I think this may be a question for the textbook company.  Thanks for the reply.

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    You're in the unfortunate category of someone that really needs Flash support and, of course, it doesn't exist in the iPad.  Probably the best solution is a hardware solution - a MacBook Air instead of the iPad.  Yeah, I know it's expensive.  Sorry.


    By the way, it's not a good idea to put personal info in a post.  I'll flag your post for the mods so that they can delete it.