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First, I agree with the frustrations I've read around multiple calendars and the fact that you can't easily swich between them anymore for adding new events (Not a smart move, frankly, but hey, Apple can do what they want, at least it seems like they feel that way). 


More important to me is that the left sidebar where calendar list used to reside also allowed you to have the next three or four months displayed for reference.  That too appears to be gone.  At least I can't figure out how to get it back--if the functionality is there and I can't find it great, though it shouldn't be so well hidden. I used this a lot and I'm pretty frustrated about how it appears to now be gone, or at least very hard to find. 


I get that the "true beleivers" don't think we should question Apple as they know all about how things should work and if they don't think I need something, they are right and I am wrong.  Unfortunately, I simply don't agree with that position, and I've used Macs/Apple products ever since the first Mac was introduced.  Just because something on an iPad is "better" in a particular way, taking away functionality on a full computer makes absolutely no sense to me.  Espectially since the most talented at Apple likely could easily allow for both in an intuative interface overall.  It's just that they aren't being allowed to do that. 


---- Yes, that last statement is just my speculation based on very significant frustrations with all the changes in iCal and the other base applications I've historically loved and now find very frustrating and dissappointing in many cases. 



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