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    Today Apple did some HP software updates, did anyone notice any changes regarding our problem?

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    Did anyone else find a way to make the Ricoh's work?  I work in a school and had 3 Ricoh copiers doing  scanning to network shares on our 10.6 server beautifully using smb.  I just switched to a 10.7 server and I cannot get the Ricoh to work.  I am able to connect via smb from my Mac and from a PC to the shares, but not from the copiers.


    I heard comments on the web that this version of SMB was a little finiky with who would be able to play well with it.  I am wondering if the Ricoh copiers don't like this version but my computers are fine with it.

  • sreilly99 Level 1 Level 1

    If anyone else is still interested, I got it working...sort of using tyhe advice of PAHU (Thank you so much.)  People at Ricoh (including one supervisor) that it just does not work with a Mac server 10.7 and their official respons is that scan-to-folder is not supported with 10.7 server.


    What I did was bypass the problem and scan-to-folder using FTP instead.  I followed the instructions for the 10.7 server found here:



    After that, I went into the address book on the copier and switched my protocol from SMB to FTP and put in my IP address under server and the path to my Scans folders (Documents/Scans) and it works once again!


    Now, when a user logs into the copier with their ID Code and select their folder to scan to, it goes right  to their home directory, whick is stored on a 10.7 server.


    I will have to change all of the paths on all three copiers, but at least it will work and keeps all of their files together on one server.

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