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I am currently in the process of backing up all my photos so that I can move the main libraries off of my main drive on my laptop.  I have already moved the "iPhoto Library" file to an external drive (Drive_1), re-routed iphoto to locate  the library there, and then run time machine onto another drive (drive_2) that includes Drive_1.  To give a more visual Layout:


  1. iPhoto is located on Drive_1
  2. iPhoto is backed up through time machine on Drive_2
  3. iPhoto is still on my laptop drive as well


While I have iPhoto backed up at this point in the "library" format through time machine, I would like to make a seperate backup onto a third drive (Photo_Backup_Drive).  However I do not want to have it in the "library" format.  I would like to export all the files as ".jpg"s and ".mv4" etc and stored on Photo_Backup_Drive as straight files.  Is there any way to do this where I can update my iPhoto library and automatically have the files moved  on the "Photo_Backup_Drive" as plain files? Thanks for your suggestions.

iPhoto '08, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    The only way to get the files from the Library is to export them.


    Apps Like Iphoto2Disk Or Photoshare Will Help You Export To A Folder Tree Matching Your Events. I'm not sure about automating them, but you could try a feature request to one of the makers.


    Why do you think it's necessary to do this? Can't you just 'Show Package Contents' on the Library and there the files are?






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    I had no idea how to access the files from the package, but after trying what you said i realize how simple it was.   I really just want to make sure my photo's are well protected so I wanted to have them in multiple formats.  However if they are all available through the library file, I guess I really don't need to back it up again.

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    Well I would certainly encourage you to have multiple back ups, (I have a total of 5) but I don't think there's a need to export them as well.