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Is there a way to name folders in launchpad like you can in iOS?  It doesn't seem possible in Lion, forcing us to stick with the default name applied by the system.





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Solved by slimshaney2010 on Jul 22, 2011 2:52 PM Solved

Just double click the name of the folder - and it should allow you to type what you want  :-)

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    Just double click the name of the folder - and it should allow you to type what you want  :-)

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    You'd think that would have been obvious and I did try it last night over and over again with no success.  Today is a different story though.  It worked not only on a double click, but a single click as well.  I have no idea why it wouldn't work last night.


    Thanks for the resonse.

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    Hi again,


    It seems that Launchpad is a little buggy.  When I first post here, it was because I could not change the names of the folders given when you stack multiple apps.  Then, all of a sudden that changed and I was able to do it the way I thought I would be able to - the way you mentioned.  Now, out of nowhere again, I cannot alter the names of folders in Launchpad.  This goes for folders that have already been created, as well as new ones that I create.  It basically names the folder and that is it.  This is very odd.

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    Click on the folder to open it up. Now change the name where it appears inside the open folder, at the top left, as you normally would..

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    Hi tonefox,


    This is why I posted again.  It won't let me do that.  The area where the folder name appears does not become active when I click in it.  It simply is uneditable.  It doesn't matter if I click once, twice...  It simply won't let me access it to change it.