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    I used this drive:


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    Thanks dood!!!


    This helps greatly - am ordering it on Amazon now for right at $100 and will do the swap myself.


    Am sure there are many folks questioning why I wouldn't just take it in for the free swap - I just don't have patience nor time to box it up, take it in, wait 5 - 7 days to get it back, etc.


    The 2TB drive will be here on Monday and in just over an hour my machine will be booting off my SSD in the optical dirve bay and all my video and phots will be stored on my 2TB drive!


    Thanks a bunch for getting back to me!



  •  dood Level 1 (0 points)

    No problem!  If you know how to get into the iMac than 1/2 the battle is done.  Plugging in the drive was childs play.  I don't blame you for not wanting to take it in for a free 1TB drive.  I give Apple kudo's for doing it though because there isn't any other company going to swap out a couple of years old drive for free.  I didn't want the hassle of boxing it up, having to take it, drop it off, and pick it up to get the same size drive that I already had either.  A 1TB drive is cheap and the 2TB's have come down so much in price I thought it made sense to put a bigger one in myself.  Make sure you have an adequate back up drive!

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    Forget about going to the Apple Store. The customer service is a disgrace(i.e. Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, CO). I brought my 27" iMAC in for the HHD replacement program last October and walked out with my computer 45" later. I refused to leave my iMAC with those nut cakes. They pride themselves on waiting on three customers at once. So much for a "personal" Genius appointment.


    I finally set up an on site visit at my home. The tech should be arriving any minute. Don't break your back trying to carry a bulky 35-40 pound iMAC through a mall only to encounter incompetent customer service from some 18-20 year old propeller head. Get on site service.

  • pug1334 Level 1 (20 points)

    I got the letter and an AppleCare authorized repair person came to my house.  He opened up my iMac and noted that I had a WD hard drive!  So, he suggested to put in the new Seagate anyway as long as he was there.  My EXTERNAL WD My Book Essential failed 3 X to do the Time Machine back up.  I never had any problems with Time Machine before this.  He put my old, perfecty fine WD back in and I bought a new La Cie Rugged just in case the fault was the My Book HD and not the new Seagate.  So, another $200 spent.  I wonder why Apple didn't state to check the "About this Mac" to see if I really had the defective Seagtae.  I'm also surpirsed I didn't look.

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    I just got my HDD replaced and it was replaced with another Sea Gate and the noise isn't as loud but it sounds exactly the same . I had an onsite appointment and watched him swith it out he did switch it out, but with another faulty one?

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    Hey Dood. Have you had any issues with your fans since you replaced your drive? I ask because I have had the same upgrade from 1Tb to 2Tb done by an AASP. I bought the same HD as you did, because I figured it was only commonsense to upgrade the drive if it was going to be replaced. The issue which is really annoying me at the moment is that when the drive was installed I was charged $30 for a external temperature sensor cable, because they maintained the existing cable wouldn't work. I stood there for about 20 minutes arguing with them that according to everything I'd read on the net they could use the original cable because I'd bought a drive from the same manufacturer, and because my 27" iMac was early 2011, and didn't have the Thunderbolt port, the proprietary firmware issue didn't apply to me. But they are seriously lacking in any knowledge, and it was like banging my head on a brick wall, so I just paid my money and got my computer out of there. Now what I intend to do is take the iMac apart and reconnect the old cable, which they did give back to me when they gave me the intended 1Tb replacement drive, which incidentally the old cable can connect to, even if it is a more modern drive, and it obviously has no proprietary firmware on it — it's a ST3100528AS by the way. If the drive they put in (the  ST2000DM001-1CH164 that I bought) works okay still with the old cable I'm going to go back to them with the external sensor cable they installed and give it to them and demand my money back. I'm really incensed about this whole situation, because the Apple people I dealt with really seem so stupid and ill-informed about all the HD issues relating to this upgrade but seem to think they know it all.

    From what you have written it seems your swap went okay, which is what I would expect. It seems to me particularly dumb to install the old-fashioned external sensor when the HD contains an internal sensor. If there's a good reason why they had to install it I'd like to know, and unfortunately the only way to find out is to actually swap the cables myself as nobody appears able to provide an answer (I even emailed Seagate who were completely useless) apart from you, because you've been there.

    The alarm bells were going off even before I took the iMac to them when they told me over the phone that it didn't matter what brand of 2Tb HD I brought in because they used an adapter cable, which is fine if the HD is from a different manufacturer but unnecessary if the manufacturer is the same — but they didn't seem to appreciate that fact.

    Thanks for giving me hope that I was right when I told the AASP that I didn't think the cable needed to be changed. It really makes me despair when the experts you're supposed to trust don't know what they're doing, and tell you black is white. It's not the money at issue here, it's the fact they didn't do their job properly. There's so much misinformation flying around it's hard to get to the TRUTH. You only have to read the forum threads to see that some people have limited knowledge but truly believe they know what's going on and have no hesitation in displaying their ignorance.

    Well, that's that off my chest. Basically I just needed to know that your swap has been problem free. Thanks

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