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- Since loading Leopard my IMac runs very slow.  My processor: 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo.  Memory:  1 GB 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM

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    Probably because it's starved for RAM. I would STRONGLY recommend upgrading the RAM.


    BTW did you really mean Leopard or did you mean Snow Leopard, there is a huge difference!

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    Is there an option of starting from other than ram?


    I meant to say Snow Leopard.

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    DAYALA wrote:


    Is there an option of starting from other than ram?



    Huh, what do you mean....the question doesn't make any sense. A Mac really needs about 500MB or more of Free RAM before it will run OK. Open Activity Monitor (Applications - Utilities - Activity Monitor) and click the System Memory tab towards the bottom. Then look for the amount of Free RAM your system has at that  point, I'm kind of sure it will be well below 500MB.


    Please read 25 Ways to Speed Up Your Mac it will also give you some ideas. Another problem could be a HD that is too full or is failing. OS X needs 10-15% of the total HD empty. So for example if you have a 250GB HD you should have about 37.5GB empty to be at 15%.

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    Before I installed SL, I was told to upgrade my RAM to 2GB. It still runs a bit slow, but not too bad. Could be you have lots of apps? or ??? I would suggest getting more ram, there are 2 slots, so I got 1 GB for each.

    & U-tube has several videos on how to do it - was fairly easy to install - once I figured out which side went up on each. you can get inexpensivly through this site:


    Apple Airport 802.11b Wireless Card - origina... (630-2883) at OWC


    (Apple stopped selling 1 GBs long ago)

    Good Luck, Kathy LPV

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    If you are where I think you are go to the Apple store and upgrade your RAM. You can make a reservation from the Genius Bar from this link.  http://www.apple.com/retail/stoneridgemall/


    Ditto for rkaufmann87's post. Very important to have sufficient free space on the startup disk.

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    I have about 300+ mb of RAm available.  I'm going to the Apple store on Thurs to get more RAM.


    Thanks all.

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    If the machine is older than a year or so then the Apple Store probably will not carry RAM. I'd recommend two reliable vendors, either Crucial or OWC (www.macsales.com).

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    Thanks all.  I'm having it upgraded to 3 gig RAM and 1 terabyte HD by a private company.