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William Hamilton Level 1 (90 points)

Lion may well turn into to Apple's Vista.  I've used Apple products since 1981, and I've never experienced anything like this.  The so-called upgrade has so far:

1.  Broken Mail and all it's contents.  No obvious solution that doesn't result in losing all folders.

2.  Time Capsule, by virtue of a complete new backup of the HD, eliminates most history as there typically isn't sufficient memory for the doubling up.  NO WARNINGS.  Just gone.

3.  Applications that don't play nice with Lion (PPC apps, Adobe apps, Microsoft apps) are just eliminated when a TC restore is done following the upgrade.

4.  Apparently going back to Snow Leopard is problematic, if even possible.


I hate that I didn't wait.  What an idiot.

  • Michael Sidoric Level 2 (365 points)

    Sorry you are having problems.


    The best insurance before any upgrade is to make a CLONE of your previous boot drive with an app like Carbon Copy Cloner [freeware -]  before you begin any OS upgrade.


    May I suggest before going further in ANY direction, that you clone your existing drive?  In a worst case scenario, you will have access to your files and settings. 


    I have not experienced your problems and frustration with Lion – but am still willing to help if I may.

  • mauijiminar Level 4 (1,660 points)

    Sorry you are having problems.  I have had NOT ONE problem.  I think you area troll

  • gonzalol Level 1 (0 points)

    I have several machines. Most of them upgraded without a problem.  Of course my MB had to be problematic...

    I found that the install restored an old TC bundle but made another folder with all my updated stuff. Functionality is all messed up. I called Apple earlier and they were scratching their heads. Fortunately, I dont think I lost anything but it's not working as expected... I would like to roll back the upgrade if I could...

  • ds store Level 7 (30,325 points)

    Back to Snow Leopard from Lion install method



    Read and print out these instructions, your computer is going to be offline and you wil be cutoff from help until your machine is restored.


    Clear the Desktop, Downloads and Trash of anything you wish to keep by placing their files in the respective Documents, Music, Pictures, Movie folders.


    If you have a TimeMachine drive, update it and disconnect for the duration of this restore time. It will be your second backup system and will have to be wiped and setup again after successfully going back to Snow Leopard if it was connected to the OS X 10.7 boot drive. If it wasn't, then leave it disconnected without updating to Lion. (note: I'm not a TimeMachine user, so I don't know how to restore 10.6 from this medium)


    Backup ALL your Users folders (Documents, Pictures, Movies, Music etc) manually (drag and drop methods) to a (not TimeMachine) external powered drive (HFS+ journaled formatted in Disk Utility) and disconnect, your going to be wiping the entire disk of ALL DATA. (warning, everything will be gone and not recovered, OS, programs, files, Windows etc all gone.)



    Here we go!


    Hold c and boot off the 10.6 installer disk that comes with your computer and second screen in just Just STOP there, don't install OS X yet.


    Look at the Utilities Menu for Disk Utility.


    On the left is the name of your hard drive maker, click it and Erase (format HFS+ Journaled), give it the same name as before, and click Erase...


    This should wipe the drive of ALL partitions (GUID, OS X and 10.7 Recovery, Windows if present)


    When it's done, quit and install OS X 10.6. Then install all your programs from fresh sources and validate/update.



    When you setup a first account, use the same user name as before, this way you can simply drag and drop the content of your previous Users folders from the external drive right back into the new Users folders and everything should work peachy. Links in iTunes to music, playlists and iPhoto links especially.


    Update OS X to 10.6.8 using the Combo Update for best results.



    (Note: If your original machine had 10.5 and you want the free iLife that comes with the disks with the computer, then you'll have to install 10.5 first using the same c boot/erase/format methods as above, then update to 10.6 via the disk, then Combo Update 10.6.8)



    Final step optional but highly recommended.


    A lot of people use a Carbon Copy Clone of their boot drive to a new HFS+Journaled external drive 9used only for this purpose) as a "hold the option key" bootable backup in case something goes wrong with their boot drive or need to restore to a previous OS X version..  (in addition to TimeMachine drive for more immediate backups.)


    It's not advised to have a Bootable Clone and a TimeMachine partition on the same external drive, as two drives gives hardware protection in case one fails.

  • humbertog Level 1 (5 points)

    5. NTFS support is broken (even read only doesnt work)

    6. SMB have problems

    7. NFS have problems

    8. You cant share any external disks on your local network!!!!!!

    9. I even have the first BSOD for Mac in my life!!


    I wish I never updated to this POS, come on Apple W T F is happening?

  • w7ox Level 4 (2,385 points)

    No big issues here, though I have had to tweak a few settings.


    Probably because I used SuperDuper to create bootable backups of both machines before upgrading from Snow Leopard.  If you have an option you usually don't need it -- a Catch 22.



  • Michael Sidoric Level 2 (365 points)

    Ditto here Phil.  No major issues.

    And I always have backups, in case.


    Even skilled paratroopers carry a reserve chute. They know it only takes a single failure if you don't. This release is possibly one of Apple's finest and most fault-free. After assisting with dozens of flawless installs all I can offer is clone first, and proceed carefully and prudently.

  • humbertog Level 1 (5 points)

    Did you even try to use a NTFS usb disk? you know... any USB stick formatted in Windows? also did you try to share an external disk on your network? there are a lot of people with theses problems

  • Michael Sidoric Level 2 (365 points)

    Sitting here looking at a LAN shared Drobo and saved to a FAT-32 USB drive earlier. I'm not denying your experience, just observing differently here.  Really wish I could help you better.

  • humbertog Level 1 (5 points)

    Try with a NTFS USB disk, the main problem for me is I cant stream my media to my XBMC (Apple TV) so now Im stuck!!! Its really frustrating. Its your Drobo connected directly to your Mac?


    Please try this, connect your FAT-32 USB (if you have a NTFS USB even better for testing) to your Mac, then share a folder inside your USB, then from another computer in your local network try to access that folder, I hope you can do this experiment to know if this a general problem or just a bug with some configurations.


    Thank you Michael

  • plastik7 Level 1 (0 points)

    To be honest, I installed it on two of my laptops, 1 via upgrade and 1 via clean install off USB and really had no issues and everything turned out great besides the fact that now on my USB flash and removable HD some files/folders do not showing up, but they do show fine in snow leopard, if you have issues with this let me know.


    My opinion on Lion. I'm not a huge fan, it just has to many oddities to it that really are not as functional as you'd think apple would make it.  Launchpad is a complete waste of space and I see absolutly no use for it whatsoever, cool yeah! but usefull? absolutly not, I have the dock.  I know apple is gearing and training us all for their future touchscreen computer/s but you know apple, save it for our i-devices,  you have trained us. 


    The mission control is nice, I was never and expose fan but I was a huge spaces user, so i say MC is nice and after you get use to it, smooth.


    This auto save feature in my preview, textedit etc, hate it to death!  i can't stand opening a file and having some file I was working on before appear and I have to close it.


    The new folder layout, what on earth were they thinking? I cant stand that I had to go in and change all the setting back to get specific folders back to the sidebar and get rid of a bunch that I never use. I do like the fact I can resize the folder all around and that I can now add a delete button to the folder.  One thing I always hated was having to drag to trash.


    My folders now do not tell me how much space I have on my HD like they use to, fail! I do not want to have to go to quicklook to see how much space i have available.


    I'm not even going to get into the scrolling, I immediatly changed the settings back to normal, nuff said.


    I have a few more issues but the main reason I'm not a fan is the lack of compatibility for applications.  I am an avid PC and Mac user and I must say alienating people from specific softwares is unjust, not everyone has the means to go and rebuy or upgrade to versions of the latest software that they have been using for years just to be able to use on this OS.  Fail.


    So my end thoughts, I will be reversing my MBP that I did a upgrade to back to snow leopard and keep playing around and tesing out features and software etc on my MB that I did a fresh install on.  After some updates come along or other, I'll decide when to make a complete switch.


    OSX Lion is not the greatest most innovative OS to come to be as some journalists and bloggers say it to be, some nice new features yeah, worth upgrading from snow leopard to? personally I'd recommend a hold off unless you have an extra mac to play around with it.


    Also, i highly recommend a clean install to get the best performance out of Lion.  My MB which is a bit slower spec wise than my MBP runs Lion way better because i did a clean install on it.   the MBP was an upgrade from snow leopard.


    end of line.

  • PastorWynn Level 1 (25 points)

    Sorry you are having issues.  Hopefully, the fine people on this forum will be able to assist you in solving some of the issues you are having.


    It does appear that some of the software you are using is the older versions (i.e., PPC).  If possible, you may consider upgrading the software.  That would aleviate many frustrations.


    Concerning the Time Machine, mine still has all my Leopard backups, and the new Lion backups are starting. So far, no problem.


    I'll agree with one of the former posters, this has been one of Apples more worry-free upgrades for me.  I run a MBP, 2.4ghz (late 2008) with 4gig Ram.  Running dual monitors and a 1T USB hard drive as my Time Machine.  So far, no issues.


    I hope you get it worked out.  Lion is a great OS X.

  • Pondini Level 8 (38,740 points)

    ds store wrote:

    . . .

    If you have a TimeMachine drive, update it and disconnect for the duration of this restore time. It will be your second backup system and will have to be wiped and setup again after successfully going back to Snow Leopard if it was connected to the OS X 10.7 boot drive.

    PLEASE stop posting that.


    It will not have to be erased.  In fact, the easiest way to revert to Snow Leopard is to just restore the last Snow Leopard backup, per #14 in  Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions.


    Under some circumstances, after doing the restore, it may be necessary or desired to delete any backups made under Lion, or even erase the TM drive, but only for space reasons.


    (note: I'm not a TimeMachine user, so I don't know how to restore 10.6 from this medium)

    Then PLEASE stop giving advice about it.

  • thanhlp Level 1 (10 points)

    I just upgrade to Lion from 10.6.8, and really supprise how it going so easy and I have NO problem after that, except now it quite hot compare with 10.6.8. Hope next update will be better


    So very sorry if you have too much problem like that!.

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