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After upgrading to Lion, Quicktime always re-opens all of the movies I've opened in previous sessions.  For instance, if Quicktime has already opened 15 movies, it will re-open those 15 plus the new one.  The only way I've found to open a single file when launching QT is to  manually close each file I've opened and clear the 'Open Recent' list before quitting the porevious QT session.  If the 'Open Recent' list is empty upon launch, it doesn't open the previous movies. It is happening with every file type, including WMV via flip4mac.  And it's happening on all three of my Macs !!!  I did uninstall flip4mac and SliverLight but QT still behaves this way.  Seems to be a problem with QT itself.  QT isnlt having problems playing the files, though.  It's working fine in that regard, including playing WMV files via flip4mac (which I reinstalled).  VLC and other media players still open files at they should.  I'm quite surprised to not see any discussion on this anywhere so maybe it's a problem unique to my Macs.  Anyone have any ideas?  What am I missing here?  Thanks, folks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)