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Hello All,


I have an older MacBook Pro, Model A1278 which will not start up.  In an effort to get it to start I decided to insert my 10.6, Snow Leopard CD and see if it would start holding down the "C" key.  No joy!  All I get is three beeps (the wake/sleep light flashes in unison) repeating and I hear what I believe is the CD spinning (it spins down after a while).  I tried putting a paperclip along the right edge to press a release (as with the older CD drives).  I couldn't find the release.


Do you have any ideas short of opening it up?


When I figure out how to remove the CD I will still have a nonoperational MacBook Pro.  Any ideas on keystrokes to try or reset holes, etc.




Bill in Santa Cruz

MacBook Pro, I don't know the OS.
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    Hi Bill,


    Three beeps may indicate bad RAM. Try troubleshooting the RAM. Shut down. Disconnect power adapter and remove battery. If the RAM you have installed is not the RAM provided by Apple, remove that RAM and install the Apple-supplied RAM. If you don't have the Apple-supplied RAM, or you already have the Apple-supplied RAM installed, remove one module, try booting, move that module to the other slot, try booting, repeat with other module.


    If neither RAM module works in either slot, then there are almost certainly other hardware issues (usually the logicboard, which covers a plethora of possibilities; unfortunately, the fix for almost any LB issue is to replace the entire LB), as the odds of both RAM modules and/or both slots being faulty are extremely low (but possible).

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    If the RAM swap doesn't pan out, to eject the DVD, try holding down the trackpad "clicker" while trying to boot the MBP.


    Also, there is no manual eject mechanism (paper clip hole).

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    Anyone ever tell you to hold the trackpad button down while starting up to eject the cd/dvd?