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When I was a visitor in USA, I bought an Iphone 4 16gb without contract (AT&T) from BestBuy store in LA on end of June and I returned to my country (Turkey); but now I can't use my Iphone with my local gsm carrier (Vodafone TR). Why? I said to seller of BestBuy store: "I want to use this phone in my country." but now I can't use. This is injustice. I can't return to BestBuy in LA, because I'm in Turkey.  How can I do factory unlock? Please help me. I want to factory unlock from Apple. This fault must be fix.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.3, modem fw: 04.10.01 - model: MC318LL
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    Non-contract is NOT unlocked.


    ONLY the Apple stores sell unlocked iphone and they just began doing that.


    You CANNOT get your iphone unlocked.  AT&T does NOT offer unlocking at all.

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    What must I do for fix this problem? Can you help me? I paid $599 + plus tax and I can't use my Iphone now. This is a tragicomic situation for me. Maybe Apple company help me?

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    You cannot fix it.


    You can see if you can return the iphone and buy one in your country or buy an unlocked one.


    You can sell your iphone and buy an unlocked on or buy one in your country.


    "Maybe Apple company help me?"


    No.  They cannot. Apple has nothing to do with it.  The iphone is locked to AT&T and AT&T does not unlock them at all.



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    There is nothing to fix. You got what you paid for. An AT&T locked iPhone without a contract requirement. AT&T will NOT unlock it.


    The "fix" is to sell it and buy an unlocked phone or one intended for use on your carrier.

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    Hi again. I heard when if I pay the unlock cost to Apple Store, i can do factory unlock the iPhone 4. How can I pay the cost because there is no official Apple Store in Turkey? Apple sells iPhone 4 16GB 599$+tax and I paid same price but I can't use it. Can anybody help me please?

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    You heard wrong. You CAN NOT UNLOCK THAT PHONE. EVER. You can sell it and purchase an unlocked phone. That's your only option.

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    That's sad, it should exist a law that makes mandatory to all carriers to unlock all those phones bought without any contract! Does it makes sense to buy one phone with no contract and be unusefull in another country? Doesn't they know that people how buy this kind of phone will always unlock it using a non-official way?! Therefore, they'll have a lot o problem with these people asking them how to unlock, even if they need to pay for, like tylersayz..  I totally disagree this!

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    Jampamutt wrote:


    That's sad, it should exist a law that makes mandatory to all carriers to unlock all those phones bought without any contract!

    Easy enough. If you are not already a U.S citzen, move here and become one. Run for public office. Get elected. Keep running for progressively higher office until you are a senator or representative. Propose the law. Get it passed and signed into law. Problem solved. (Alternate method: make lots of money. Hire lobbyists. Get law passed).