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Hi. I think it's only intuitive to use one finger like a thumb or an index finger or iOS gadgets like the iPhone but with a bigger multitouch screen like the iPad or maybe someday an iMac multitouch with retina but now when you're not touching the screen and if the multitouch surface is not on the screen itself like with the Magic Mouse or is wide like the Magic Trackpad. Is there a way to bring the two finger gesture backtracking/forwardtracking for the Magic Mouse without third-party plug-ins? With the current Lion gestures, you have to usually life your whole hand just to do a one finger swipe gesture for backtracking/forwardtracking. Although Apple could put all the command in gestures, there's a limit to gestures: scroll in 4 directions and swipe for backtracking/forwardtracking anything more defeats ease of use of multitouch because you're so careful that you have to position your fingers much like you would if you have a more than 3 button mouse- it'll defeat the purpose I believe. Thank you on advance.



iMac i7 Late 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.8)