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I use iDisk and would like to keep the files stored on iDisk on my hard drive for quicker access. Unfortunately the syncing was very buggy on Snow Leopard, to the point where I stopped using it because sometimes it would mistakenly wipe important work files. Compared to dropbox it was very bad.


Now that Lion is out, I'm wondering if the syncing feature is any better? Anyone know?




Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • Gregfrommadison Level 1 (90 points)

    I think so. No real issues with my iDisk.

  • Jiri Krecek Level 4 (1,070 points)

    Syncing? How did you have it set up precisely?

    As to the speed, no improvement but degradation on my end. Still the same uplink speeds, but loading the iDisk listing in Finder for the first time takes about 20 sec. which is lousy. I do manual drag and drops. No bugs or lost files so far. iSync is gone from Lion, BTW, so not sure how your syncing worked before. iDisk access has definitely slowed down in Lion.

    Obvoiously, they are pushing for in app syncing, totally bypassing utilities such as iSync. Sync Services are supposed to be gone from Lion as well. So I've heard.

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    It appears to work here, but prefer dropbox, considering iDisk is going away soon, no? But I had to reintialize both for Lion (I changed my disk setup, did a fresh install) and both tools downloaded the same set of data at about the same speed (slow, my internet connection is so). On iDisk, when first released, it was bad, but later matured into a usuable tool. Tech suppprt was great via chat, and I will be sad to see all the mobileme stuff go bye bye.

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    I just had it setup to auto sync. But it was very slow and didn't seem to update files properly. I always felt very uneasy when it did a sync because I wasn't sure if idisk was going to capture all updates properly. Dropbox on the other hand was very quick and I never found any errors.


    Only problem is I can't install dropbox on my work PC! So I have to continue to use iDisk.

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    I was curious too. In much experience it is much faster. Perhaps iCloud influenced?

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    Yes. I'm now using iDisk with Lion. It is working pretty well now. Still not as fast as dropbox, but seems pretty reliable now at least.