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I'm struggling with what I think is a permissions problem on Lion..


I purchased a new MBAir 11" and restored my files by copying them manually from a backup of my home folder - this is always how I have done it. I did have to change the Library folder flag to unhidden as found somewhere else on this forum.


The first issue I encountered was that every time I logged out and logged back in, the machine was 'reset' to the state it was in hours earlier. I couldn't change any settings, they would reset themselves. (e.g. changing trackpad settings would reset when I exited system preferences). Also if I used Safari to browse a bunch of sites, none of the history was saved. The history would show everything up to a certain point and wouldn't save anything past that.


I created a new user account and that account was obviously fine. So I copied all of my files from the old user account to the new user account. The problem I am having now is that any time I try to change a file in my home folder (e.g. rename) i am prompted for my password. I tried to reset permissions but that doesn't help.


Would appreciate any suggestions. TIA.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)
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