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If you are running displayLink chances are you have encountered a whole slew of issues when upgrading to Lion. But there is a work around. First, I set my energy saver settings to Performance rather then battery life which switches the video cards used. Then I installed the beta2 found on displaylink's site and rebooted my computer. This part fixes the blank login screen issue.


Now it's still a little buggy, the main one is that icons stick to the cursor. Putting your computer to sleep then waking it back up again fixes this issue.


I have a late 08 15" MBP 5,1 running 8gb RAM 2.53gHz 64bit lion 10.7 with two extra monitors. No issues so far.


read more about it on the DisplayLink Discussion forum if you have this issue. http://www.displaylink.org/forum/showthread.php?t=981